In this series I list ridiculous moments from real stupid films, I normally just make this series on DC films, I have made a “ridiculous moments from” on Suicide Squad, Batman vs. Superman, FAN4STIC and Justice League. This post, I am going to defend X-Men: Apocalypse, another very stupid comic book film, but surprisingly not a DC film. It is my second post this “Reviewbruary” on the X-Men franchise, and it is one that I have been waiting to do. X-Men Apocalypse is very dumb, for many reasons – so whilst normally I find it hard to reach five detailed points, these were extremely easy.

Day 27


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Apocalypse has to be one of the worst villains I have seen in a long time – and maybe just one the most useless villains in the X-Men franchise; it doesn’t have anything to do Oscar Issac’s performance, but Apocalypse falls into a grey area with villains. They set him up to be this big bad, but we never see him use this in the final battle – when it actually counts. But, that is for the second point. The first reason Apocalypse is ridiculous is just because I still have no idea what his plan was. He wanted to take over something (probably; I don’t really remember) and to do it he needed to transfer himself into Charles’ body. But, I still don’t understand what he had hoped to do, if he can control all mutants (and this goes hand in hand with the second point) then why waste time? Plus, his plot seemed to be done much better in The Mummy


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Apocalypse is an incredibly weak villain, not in the traditional sense; where there is little show of his power, or that the villain is just a CGI freaky looking doll, but rather there was no real development for the villain to begin with, and the details we assume for Apocalypse are the ones we make up, ones that we are supposed to assume. We are supposed to believe he is the most powerful mutant of all time, can kill everyone and any mutant at any time. So, why the hell does Apocalypse stall and why doesn’t he just take a proactive role and go kill everybody he’s got to and it is super ridiculous that he needs to go and find four housemen to carry out his work when you are the most powerful mutant ever. AND; if he can kill people with sand why don’t he just do that every single time someone approaches him


Just to clarify, Apocalypse is not only ridiculous he is also absolutely terrible. This point is different from the one above, although – as I explained above it is ridiculous to need four horse men when you are the most powerful mutant ever. This point is about how useless  and ridiculous the four horse men are. Taking each of the four horse men individually – Psylocke is absolutely wasted and I don’t think she says more than ten lines in the entire movie. Magneto is just there, so he can fill in the trend of him being the villain without being the villain – especially after they just give him the same background we have seen all the time (he got married had a kid, and something went wrong). Angel is there just to die, and Storm is just there and everyone is just waiting for her to turn on Apocalypse. Ultimately, making all the horsemen ridiculous.


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Jean and the entire X-Men are ridiculous is this follow-up. Mystique runs the X-Men; for reasons. Jean and Cyclops hog the spotlight for the younger X-Men and they ruin the timeline (we’ll get to that though). But, what I find ridiculous is the complete control Jean has of the phoenix at the end of the movie just to set up the forthcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Funny enough, based on the reception I heard from people reading the apparent leaked scripts I don’t have much faith that the actual follow up will be any less ridiculous than this or than X-Men 3: The Last Stand (I haven’t read the leaks because why would you want to ruin that for yourself?)


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As I ranked in my last blog post about the X-Men franchise; I ranked X-Men: Days of Future Past the best X-Men movie just because of how it finally fixed the damn timeline. Everything worked, they finally undid that terrible disaster that was Days of Future Past, also removing X-Men: Originals in the process. They then ended the film with Wolverine being picked out of the sea by Mystique who was Stryker in disguise. Wolverine then woke up in current day where he still had his claws showing everything still went down the way it did. But, then in Apocalypse, they show that Wolverine ended up with Stryker nevertheless, even though it contradicts everything that was said in the film before it. But; that isn’t the only logically ridiculous thing that happened in this film, even after everything that happened in Egypt – no-one felt anything at all.




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