After his very successful solo film two years ago, Deadpool is back with a mission, to carry this franchise for the next couple of years (he even says so himself). After Deadpool fails to kill one of his target’s, he loses everything he cares for and loses his purpose – needing someone (Colossus) for once to save him even though he makes it clear he doesn’t want to be saved. To add insult to injury, a boy named “Firefly” has stuck with Deadpool and asked for his protection from the time-travelling Cable. But, whilst Deadpool goes to battle with Cable; he doesn’t do it for the boy but rather himself, and the film is about Deadpool not having a purpose to live anymore. After it becomes clear in order for him to find peace he needs to kill Cable, he assembles his own version of the X-Men – X-Force; which includes the brilliant Dominio.  Deadpool 2 is not only much better than the original, but expands the character in a way no other film in the franchise has done, giving Deadpool more responsibility and characters to really carry this franchise. I loved Deadpool 2 and think it so much better than the first so I give it an 8/10 or an A.

DP 2


Two years after Deadpool finally managed to be the breakthrough Fox were looking for since 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Deadpool is back and he is a whole lot better, Deadpool 2 really does manage to up the ante in everyday, bigger and bolder jokes, bigger and better characters but most importantly a bigger, bolder story. If you thought the first Deadpool was surprising with its story, the second manages to have an arguably bigger story, even if it isn’t necessarily better. As is custom with every review, there is always a downside; and Deadpool does have some problems mainly with that story and its comedy – nothing to big or unforgivable. The best aspect of Deadpool 2 is its shocks, similar to how Thor: Ragnarok managed to deliver actual stakes, Deadpool 2 isn’t the simple boring film you would expect, it actually had stakes and has stakes. One thing that the first Deadpool did amazingly was it’s promotional campaign and I didn’t think the promotional campaign for this film was as strong as the first, but it definitely picked up towards the end, I also didn’t think that the first trailer was strong enough, it never made me feel excited for it but the second trailer definitely did that and is a much better tone to how the film felt.

I honestly think Deadpool 2 is better than the first, even though in theory it isn’t, I think after we had a little time to get over the buzz of Deadpool and people started to see clearly, Deadpool wasn’t a great film. I know, I know – don’t attack me, but it was different and fresh but not great, it was an OK film. But Deadpool 2 manages to just work, I can’t explain how – even some scenes are the exact same as the first but deliver so much more humour. And again, in theory and on paper it shows a lack of story and comedy and should not be funny. But, I was laughing at it, actually laughing, (don’t worry I do laugh) but what I mean, is in the cinema I am not that guy that laughs out loud, I crack a smile might even let out a little air (taken out of context that sounds wrong) but the scene where he is regrowing himself (mirror to the first) was the funniest scene in the movie and done so well I was dying. And even though that should show a lack of story, with GOTG Vol 2. not feeling as funny when it recreated its scenes, Deadpool 2 can somehow get away with it.

This is the first of a double hander, when it comes to the comedy.  I will later explain why I didn’t like some aspects but I want to talk about the aspects I liked first, I really liked the more relevant jokes to the audience, with more jokes about comic books films (I even had to walk out of the cinema when he insulted Hawkeye), it felt like a better rounded movie, with more action scenes thanks to a great director in David Leitch (John Wick and Atomic Blonde), I still would have liked more action scenes in the film,but oh – well. I also loved all the added characters, the first only really had Deadpool with Weasel, Taxi Driver and Collosus being kind of important and Negasonic Teenage Warhead sort’ve just being there. But the second had better characters that all added to Deadpool’s story, of him not having a purpose. Zazie Beetz is fantastic as Dominio – who even though I wanted to see more of, did a great job – Julian Dennison as Russell – who is great in showing how Deadpool’s stubbornness has created a monster and Josh Brolin as Thanos, who is just having the best summer.

Deadpool 1 had a surprisingly lot of heart in it and wasn’t just the sweary, violence filled comedy that the trailers led us to believe and was a romantic film. Deadpool 2 has a lot of heart and huge, fantastic shocks and stakes that actually make me care (don’t worry, the end credits scene will be addressed), in fact I would say the first ten minutes sets the tone and balance for the rest of the film, great relevant comedy with the tie ins to Logan, a huge shock in Vanessa (the whole point of the first film) dying and brilliant action scenes that culminates in Deadpool killing himself and Colossus saving him, all setting how the tone of the film will go. That isn’t the only shock of the film, with X-Force all being killed off within their first mission, him killing himself and Wolverine appearing in the end credit scene. One of the reasons I loved Thor: Ragnarok is because it actually had stakes, it meant something, and Deadpool 2 had stakes as well (of course that change, but as I have said, I couldn’t even be mad)

This deserves a whole section to itself, the end-credit scene. Can you imagine if in Avengers Infinity War, they go back in time during the credits and stop him from snapping his fingers (even though that is what will eventually happen) but I would have lost my mind! But because it fits his story and it fits his character so well, it worked how he was just not willing to make that sacrifice and he didn’t care. And it is back to the idea that Deadpool can get away with anything, he can just be as silly as he wants and ruin all the continuity and we can forget about it and enjoy it, any, any, ANY other film and I would have hated it, to ruin the continuity of a franchise just annoys me, but I don’t know whether it is because we are past that with the X-Men franchise or whether it is because Deadpool can get away with it

But, Deadpool 2 has issues that not he can’t brush over. There is a lack of story, a rubbish non-existent villain, not much character development par Deadpool and comedy that I can’t help but feel is ironic. And even though I enjoyed them, I can understand if you weren’t a big fan of the repetitive jokes and can understand if you think that they were stupid. Let’s start with a lack of character development, the expanded role for the taxi driver, completely ruins him I would have preferred if his role was given to Domino and allowed us to see more of her, Weasel is useless and in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t serve the same comic relief as he did in the first because of the new characters and Vanessa has no development because she is dead and I had no idea she would come back to life. A thin plot, where things just seem to happen also has a toll on Deadpool , not so much for me as I am able to forget that. The complete wast of a villain is not needed, he just adds a another layer to Russell that I ultimately don’t need to see but that only needs to be explained to me. I can’t even remember the head-masters names. But for me, the biggest problem with Deadpool, is some weak comedy and at times it becomes everything it mocked, with an expanded franchise, with cliches, with it being a sequel, and it intending to launch a spin-off. The comedy feels no different to the first, and the great thing about the first is that the comedy was fresh but in the second the type of jokes and the actual jokes are just the same : point and case – “superhero landing”. And, I know I said that Deadpool can get away with it but it at times is too noticeable. However, I am ultimately nitpicking here, and these are just little problems I had with the film.

Deadpool 1 although not the greatest film was loved because it was different, whilst Deadpool 2 manages to continue this it doesn’t feel fresh and it is doing what it said it wouldn’t do. I gave it a pass because it is a Deadpool movie and I enjoyed it but, I don’t know what I could think about an X-Force film that Deadpool would star in, is he going to crack jokes every time? At times it just felt like the same film I have watched before, like GOTG 2, but in some cases Deadpool 2 did pull it off. Nevertheless, I still loved it and I think it was much better than the first, it was funnier, had more characters, had bigger action pieces, had more shocks and I am willing to forgive any errors in the story or how the film had become what it mocked and the irony associated with it because that was always going to be inevitable.

Ultimately, fun! And I really enjoyed it, so long I removed because Deadpool managed to make things I normally hate work. I give Deadpool 2 an 8 out of 10 or an A-.


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