Dubbed “Groundhog Day meets Scream”, Happy Death Day is a 2017 horror film. Happy Death Day follows a troubled college student as she relives the same day she dies over and over again. With a list full of enemies and an infinite amount of time to solve it, “Tree” has to just survive the day, whatever the outcome – every time the day resets she discovers something new, whether it be her self-reflection, or the her understanding that she should hold other priorities. I give Happy Death Day a 5.5 out of 10 or a C-.

Day 16


In all fairness, Happy Death Day is exactly what it sets out to be, a fun, quick, audience-specific targeting film, and it works. It is nothing special, and it honestly surprises me how this was a hit at the box office. It is a “meh” film, and so long you don’t expect anything from it (unlike me, which I will get onto later), you will not feel like you wasted your time. It is not a bad film, and not bad just to put on in the background if you have got something to do, or to waste an hour and a half. As I think it is a “meh” film. it has to be given an OK score and an OK score is straight down the middle, so I gave it a 5.5 out of 10; a C-.

For a film called Happy Death Day, I would have liked some more horror or some more of the slasher aspect. I understand that is hard to have more characters dying because then every single day, Tree would have to explain the situation and it would just get repetitive and boring and too many time jumps would make the film confusing. But I would have liked more horror in the film, more of the mindless scaring and seeing people she cared about dying and then this builds a\ picture for Tree, because she realises that some people she care about more than others. It’s gone for the cheesy, college vibe, the pretty, self obsessed student and that is OK and then she eventually redeems herself and changes everything. That aspect is OK, but I think to elevate it to the next level, more was needed of the slasher element , I think the guy she eventually got with could’ve died horrible deaths everyday (leading to more comedy) and so it got to the point she saves him and then she realises she needs to change and wants him. But, then again the idea of her having to change is done well and doesn’t really need anymore input for something that has become so cliché and basic in recent years.

This leads me nicely onto what I liked, I really loved the Groundhog Day element, but then – I really like films where the main character has repeat the day over and over again, I just find them fun. I really liked, the little mystery the show manages to create, with it introducing the “mask-man” you see above in the thumbnail, even thought I think the actual shock itself is way too obvious and I will get onto that later, I still liked the little hunt to find out who killed her, and who was killing her with the scene with the policeman being a favourite of mine as she thinks that she is finally safe. I also did like the added element that was introduced to it via her parents, and that made her more relatable and helped the audience to actually care about her and that she isn’t just the cliché “mean girl” college student.

The main shock was way too obvious, I knew it was her and the cupcake was the poison, but I did like how the film showed how much she had changed, from not wanting the cupcake to eating it for her supposed friend. That being said, the ending was still too obvious, and I really like horror films that shock me not only in the sense of being scared, but mess with my brain as well, so I would have loved a massive shock that would’ve made me go WOW! But then again, I think that this film was meant to be like that, it wasn’t meant to be a shock, true-horror film but rather a slasher, cheesy, college film, besides the actual alternate ending that they had filmed was rubbish, and even though it was a shock would have just annoyed me a lot because we never once see the wife care.

When it comes to Happy Death Day, there is honestly no point of hating on it, because it is supposed to be like that, just look at the characters and the theme and the setting, it is supposed to be cheesy and not really taking itself seriously. The success it gained was surprising and it deserves it because it creates and fulfils what it sets out to do.

A film that isn’t supposed to be the best and just supposed to be a fun ride, which it is. I give Happy Death Day a 5.5 out of 10 or a C-, not because I think it is better than other films I give a D to, but rather because the film has its audience and message and delivers it fine. It is a “meh” film, so a C-.


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