Logan Lucky is the 2017 film composed of an all-star cast that includes Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Farrah Mackenzie, Katie Holmes, Seth MacFarlane, Hillary Swank and Daniel Craig, Dubbed “see how the other half steals”, follow Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) a struggling father, who in addition to losing his job – he is about to lose his daughter as his ex-wife is moving away. In desperate need for money, Jimmy plans to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway – he enlists his brother Clyde (Adam Driver), his sister Mellie (Riley Keough), Joe Bang (Daniel Craig) – currently in prison and Bang’s two dumb brothers. I give Logan Lucky a 6/10 or a C+.

Day 11

Logan Lucky is a good film, it is enjoyable – but it just feels basic. I really do love heist films, with the Ocean’s Trilogy being one of my favourite trilogies and I was really looking froward to it, but I think that it wasn’t comprehensive enough. It had the potential to be great, and whilst I think it hit the comedy element perfectly I don’t think it did so well with the heist part, I think maybe we needed a more comprehensive plot  – with more characters – this would’ve been perfect because it would’ve led to even more mistakes and more comedy, which as I said was done fantastically

When I say it is basic, I mean in the sense that it wasn’t a comprehensive plot. This branches off into many other things, one way they could have solved this, is if they had more people involved in the heist, this would’ve lead to more mistakes – after all, they are dumb-witted, and lead to more comedy gold. Because there is hardly any different characters, I think the film lacks depth, and the best comedies and heist films are the ones where we see everyone’s purpose, and I don’t think that we got valid reasons for everyone apart from Channing Tatum’s character and Daniel Craig’s.

Onto stuff that I really liked, I loved the comedy that was in the film, and I liked the direction in the send of it being dubbed how the “other half still”, Adam Driver and Daniel Craig deliver comedy gold, with Adam Driver’s hand being one of my favourite moments, along with the inevitable how they did it.

I think all the characters in the film were great, with some fantastic performances from Adam Driver and Daniel Craig, my only problems with the characters are with the sister – Millie, who never really got given any depth and with Hillary Swank’s character who just felt tagged on in the end. Channing Tatum does well as Jimmy Logan but in the company of his brother, Adam Driver tends to steal the show. Daniel Craig delivers a fantastic performance as Joe Bang is great but once again it doesn’t feel as though there is anything significant about him.

One to what I would’ve liked to make this film even better, and to sum that up, I would’ve liked more characters. I think this would have sorted a lot of problems, this would’ve created more comedy, more mistakes and them maybe a few more happy coincidences, and I would’ve liked a little more continuity with Hillary Swank, with her appearing throughout the film instead of just feeling tagged on

A decent film to watch if you have a couple of hours to kill with some great performances and some great comedic writing, but it lacks any depth. I give Logan Lucky a 6 out of 10 or a C+.


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