After his successful introduction in the second season of Daredevil, Jon Bernthal is back as Frank Castle. We find Frank or “the Punisher” as he is known on the verge of finishing his mission, he has tracked down the last of the gangs who murdered his family and with it his Punisher affinity. However, his family’s death still haunts him six months later, and he decides that there must be more to story, so he returns as the Punisher but the truth will shock him.

Day 10


After the disaster that was Iron Fist, and the “meh” that was The Defenders, Marvel brings us The Punisher. It is not at the heights of Daredevil or Jessica Jones, but it is definitely an improvement from Iron Fist. I didn’t think it was the best show but I did still like it so I give Marvel’s The Punisher 7.5/10 or a B.

Onto why it isn’t one of the best Marvel shows, that is simply because it doesn’t make a stand. It could be a “politically woke” show and really get down and gritty with those details about guns and veterans and really be a people’s champion of a show but it doesn’t, it is alluded to but never carried out. Luke Cage as a show was a rubbish but it was executed perfectly and was politically woke and that is why people liked it, it showed reality, something I think The Punisher didn’t do and that is why it got quite a lot of hate.

Onto the characters, The Punisher is back and is still as amazing as we last saw him, he stole the show in Daredevil season 2 and he is once again fantastic. Something I loved, is this show is just him, it is his time to shine which I think worked brilliantly. I liked Ben Barnes but his character was difficult to like, he was layered, but it seemed that the longer the show went on and the more you learnt those layers would go away. He is an honest man but he takes his best friend hostage, even though he pays for his rent. He loved Frank and his family yet let his family die. If we had a scene where this plan was broken to Billy and we could really emphasis with him, but this whole scene was never shown. And then we have Karen Page – (huff), I don’t even have the words, why couldn’t we bring in Foggy, why did it have to be Karen?

Now, my thoughts on the finale was maybe, the whole funfair would mean more if it was implemented throughout the show. For example, we saw a lot of Maria waking Frank up in every episode, why wasn’t some scenes him going through that entire day. That way it would’ve made more sense why they went there, the suspense would’ve been heightened and it would clearly be emotional. Instead, what we get is an ongoing scene with the children on the horses meant to show something and show how it all “started”, Also, it will probably be shown later, but I want to see how they died and how Frank reacted to it, of course what I said above be becomes useless if they died at the funfair.

I did love some of the sub-plots, I really liked Daniel Webber as Lewis Wilson, and I thought he was great in the show, I loved how he mirrored Frank’s story and that there wasn’t a lot differing between them. But, once again – the show never took a serious stand and delivered a substantial message about it, even in the aftermath there was no real talk about gun control or about veterans.

I can only imagine what the TV department of the MCU is thinking at the moment, after the highs of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage (I don’t think it was of that calibre, but apparently everyone else did) – they must of thought that they were sorted. Yet, one year later, their plans must be in jeoprady, a really bad reception to Iron Fist, a luke-warm reception to The Defenders leaves the TV universe depending heavily on Jessica Jones’ season 2.

In a TV universe that seems to be deteriorating in quality, The Punisher is not the best Marvel show, but it is a vast improvement in some of the other instalments and well worth a watch. I give Marvel’s The Punisher a 7.5 out of 10 or a B.


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