Off the back of an instant fan favourite Batman from the unexpected hit: The Lego Movie, comes his spin-off. The Lego Batman Movie, follows (for the first time since god knows) a normal Batman, that doesn’t moan, cry or feel like the world doesn’t like him. Instead we get the over-confident incredible Batman we love. Batman has to take on a new apprentice (Robin), try to stop the Joker, and prove to the world they still need him, all this within a love story between Batman’s only true love – the Joker. The question is, is this the movie we deserve and the one we need right now?……

Day 9


The answer to that is kinda, it is a good, enjoyable film, with Batman just stealing it and it being a light-hearted, fun Batman film – something we haven’t seen since… But, although it is fun, and enjoyable, the film just feels “meh”, we have the cameos we love, the story line is fun, the easter eggs are timely but I couldn’t help but feel at times, there was no meaning. So, if you want to switch off, laugh and enjoy then this is 100% for you, but if you want a sustained story this might not be the one. Nevertheless, I like the Fast franchise, so we know which one it is for me. I give The Lego Batman a 7 out of 10 or a B-.


It is a Batman film, so of course Batman would steal the show, he is exactly what I loved in the first film but with some heart, it becomes clear he is scared of not being needed and that is done greatly. I think that should have had more emphasis, and the whole idea of Batman hating Robin was fantastic and I loved it. Robin was great in this film, every thing I have watched Robin in, he has always annoyed me, I just want him to disappear at times, and that is exactly what Batman says.

Now, I hear you – how can you say that this is a mind numbing film but then say that you loved Batman showing some heart, but what I meant was that whilst it does have some heart, it doesn’t have a story – I only really cared about Batman’s not wanting to be forgotten. But, it felt like the story was stretched and weak – there was no real impact of it, it just felt “meh”.

Whilst I loved the comedy that was in this film, I loved the easter eggs and the sarcastic jokes, there are only so many times you can throw them at me. I get annoyed if I miss one, so I just stopped caring in the end. Plus, the same humour for me doesn’t work – case and point Baywatch, I don’t like the same sarcastically jokes all the time, luckily this film did get away with it, do you know why? Because it’s Batman……

We have to ask what next, one of the reasons the film felt empty, was because I didn’t think there would be a sequel, so there wouldn’t be any continuation of his story, that might change but we have to wait until Lego Movie 2, because we have to ask what is next for the Lego franchise? The Ninjago movie flopped, and the sequel is getting released until next year, so maybe the hype has gone.

A good horrible film for someone who loves easter eggs (because you’ll never get them all) with a really good Batman, but unfortunately it has no real meaning in the end. Still, it is a thoroughly enjoyable film and that is why I give it a B or 7 out of 10.


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