“It” is the 2017 adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name. We follow the “Loser’s Club” – seven young children who are determined to find out why kids have disappeared in the hometown. The latest disappearance being a seven year old boy named Georgie, Georgie is the younger brother of the somewhat leader of the Loser’s Club – Bill Denbrough. It soon becomes apparent that these disappearances are not by accident, leading to the discovery of Pennywise the Dancing Clown – the clown that has now become synonymous with 2017. Watch as Pennywise torments these children as they aim to find answers about the other missing children. I loved “It” and I give it an 8.5/10 an A

Day 5


I am not normally a fan of horror films, but I find myself giving a second high score to my second horror film (the first being Get Out). And I don’t want to classify “It” as a horror film, apart from really the first couple minutes, it wasn’t a horror film, instead it was a mix of multiple genres with elements of horror – we had some comedy, some mystery, a lot of thriller, and I think that is what made me love this film – come to think about it the same applies to Get Out. I think what this film does so well, is somehow it manages to make me sort of like Pennywise, and I suddenly understood the massive buzz around him. I am honestly not sure whether that was because of the actor or the children around him (which I will get onto later) but without that dynamic between the children and the clown, the film wouldn’t have felt so great – which makes me question how good the sequel can be?

Now, I have already said that I am not the biggest of fans when it comes to horror films, I just find most of them stupid, I am a big fan of thrillers though, and I think this film had just the right amount of horror and suspense for me. I am not quite sure what the difference is between them, but I would want to say that thrillers are like horrors but with mystery, with suspense and that is what I like. And, even the horror in this film managed to engage me and keep intrested – not something many other horror films have done.

There are many things I liked in this film, the clown for one, the genres that they managed to incorporate and I also really liked the Loser’s Club – of course you could make an argument (and I will later) that if one of these elements were missing it wouldn’t have been so great, and the sequel will be missing these children, so I am not quite sure where they could go. I also liked the human bullies, it tends to be that the almost second villain is pushed to one side so that the main villain can thrive, but I think with the addition of the abusive father, we sort’ve cared for the bully, until later on that is.

Onto Pennywise the Dancing Clown. As I said at the beginning, Bill Skarsgård is great, he played this clown perfectly, which makes me wonder how Will Poulter would’ve done?Nevertheless. most of my favourite scenes involved Pennywise, with my personal favourite being the scene with him coming out of the fridge, I actually died with laughter clown scaring the children. The start was so great because it put the rest of the film on the right track, the beginning scared me, especially when we see this guys head open, I did find it kind of funny but I was absolutely baffled, and Skarsgård plays a convincing villain

Onto the kids, and every character in this film shined, some more than others. Jaeden Lieberher plays the leader of the club; “Bill” – Bill has a stutter and only wants to find his younger brother, and he feels somewhat responsible, Lieberher’s portray is a amazing, the final scene with him and Georgie nearly brought a tear to my eye, his best friend (who will always be known as the kid from Stranger Things) works wonders by showing that he is not just a loved-up little kid but he can also play a funny, sweary little kid. The new kid on the block “Ben” was also great, I think he was the heart of the movie – if he had died I would have walked out, I became so attached to him in such a short time period. Even though there wasn’t much emphasis on his personal story line, I really liked “Eddie” played by Jack Dylan Grazer, he gave one of the best performances and his character became a favourite of mine, I even liked his mother. The girl in the film was good, and the other two character gave good performances, but I didn’t care for their characters. And, finally – as I have already said – although he isn’t the main villain, I think “Henry Bowers” the bully, was quite a layered character and we as the audience felt sorry for him at times

Moving onto what could have been better, and the only thing that I really have to say is the character development for the rest of the characters – continuing on from what I was saying about Mike, his story was never really clear, I can’t remember why he go involved, and I hope he has a bigger role in the sequel. Stanley also never did much, he had a story at the start but not really anything else after that. Of course I know this is based on a book, I have not read the book so I don’t know what is going to happen and I hope I don’t sound stupid but I would really like it if one of the original characters have died from when we last saw them

As is a custom, we know a wait the sequel – and as I have said since the start, it is going to be hard to replicate the magic of the first when the children will be grown up, and although I know there might be flashbacks, some of the best scenes were the ones between Pennywise and the children. So, to be honest I am worried for the sequel, and how great it could be.

A great film that sets the highest of standards for the sequel. And with such high expectations it is going to be hard for the film to not feel like a disappointment. I loved “It”, I though some characters could’ve been given more development but the film was amazing and I give it a 8.5/10;an A.




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