After dominating the sport since we last saw him in the first Cars (we just forget about Cars 2 – it never happened), Lightening McQueen must struggle with the emergence of newer, faster, more tactical opponents with added technology. After what seems as his career ending race, McQueen makes it his mission to prove that he can still compete with the best and that old will always still be gold, he decides to have one final go and not to go out as and be forgotten about like his idol/mentor Doc Hudson

Day 3



It’s Day 3 so I thought I would do the third Cars movie. Cars 3 was a chance for Disney/ Pixar to finally fix the Rob in the Kardashians family. Without a doubt, Cars is the weakest franchise within Pixar and although it sells toys, it doesn’t rank in the top 10 Pixar films for many. So Pixar had to smash it to really smash it out of the mark, if people who just hate on it for the sake of hating on it where actually going to turn out and pay to watch it

To put it simply, I enjoyed the film, I don’t think it was the greatest but when I was a child I did enjoy the first Cars movie. Unfortunately, the sequel was probably thought up by the toy department of Disney on at 3 a.m on a Saturday morning. The threefold does aim to correct the mistakes of the past and give some sort of conclusion as we see McQueen go full circle. And it does, but it also doesn’t, Mater’s character is not fixed and McQueen has no emotional connection – whilst what they did for Doc was lovely, it never felt like McQueen was doing racing for his home Route 94 but rather staying at Route 94 for the racing, and one of the messages I took from the first was that it isn’t all about racing as that will all go away one day, instead it’s more about who you spend time with.

Unfortunately I honestly think that this film wasn’t better than the first, and there are many grey areas coming up. First off, it is because Cars 2 did way too much damage, I almost couldn’t bring myself to care because Cars 2 had messed it all up. My second problem, was that it was essentially just like the first film. I did say that I liked it went full-circle but it felt too familiar, this of course is probably because Cars 2 felt so out there that when it returned to its roots, it felt that it was basically the same movie, just not done so well – the McQueen and Mator buddy element was completely removed, and yes whilst we didn’t like Mator in the second – it’s because you made a CARS film about flipping SECRET AGENTS.

I feel like this film should have meant more than it did, and that is what I meant by the grey area, I’m not sure whether it was because the second film completely killed it or if I was never completely invested in anyone but McQueen but I feel like it should have meant more than it did. But, hell it was good enough and I am contempt with this Cars installment, but please no-more, unless you want to wait ten years, and make it great. Also, isn’t it funny how after three Cars movies, we never see McQueen win a race. Just think about it….

I liked the first film and I liked this one too. it just isn’t ranked as high for me. I did love certain things though, although I said otherwise earlier I loved the full circle, I loved the way they brought Doc Hudson back, I loved the way that McQueen became her mentor, her Doc Hudson and how he took his number and left his old look behind. I appreciate Disney for giving it another go, and it was definitely not bad, but it just wasn’t Toy Story 3 standard.

A decent end to a franchise that was never given enough love from Disney, and where the movies always came second fiddle to the toy sales they would amass. I give it a decent 6.5 out of 10, a B-


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