Hello, hello and welcome to REVIEWBRUARY , what’s that I hear you ask? Well, I am planning to release a review every day in February – thus, Reviewbruary.

Yes, I have been slacking when it comes to posting, but I am trying to change my style. I don’t want to have such long posts, I want to keep the reviews sweet and short – something that gets harder the longer I wait to review the film.

I have literally reviewed hardly any 2017 films, so you will see me take a step back for Reviewbury, where I will review all the 2017 hits – even giving you a TV Show review once and again.

All I can say, is that this blog still means a-lot to me, I am proud of my work, and to keep to a high standard requires time for me to know exactly what I am doing.

I hope you will enjoy Reviewbruary


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