Netflix’s “Bright” is a 2017 feature length film (yes, film!) directed by David Ayer (Suicide Squad), starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. Set in a mystical world, where fairies, elves and orcs live among humans, Bright aims to explore the relationships between these “races”. Smith stars as Officer Daryl Ward, an in-debt, struggling father recovering from a gunshot wound caused by his on-duty partner Officer Jarokoby. Nick Jarokoby is the first ever police officer Orc, but it comes at a price, he is neither wanted by the police department or by his own race the Orcs, who claim he isn’t a real Orc. Bright tries to explore racial tension between the Orcs and everyone else, with a lot of the film being centred on the buddy-cop relationship between the Ward who risks it all for Jarokoby.

Bright has been destroyed by critics, which I think is a little harsh, Bright tries something new in more than one way, a new premise – an original idea, new character and a way to watch big blockbuster films. That being said, Bright had a lot of buzz, it was being spoken in the calibre of “Oscar-worthy” films, which is why when it came out, it disappointing a lot of people. My feelings on Bright can be summed up perfectly with one emoji-movie reference – “meh”. The film is not terrible, it is definitely enjoyable and that is why I have given it a 6/10 but it wasn’t anything special, the film was obvious, and to be honest – it is the perfect film to kill two hours on a plane to your holiday. And, yes – whilst it had flaws, it was still a good attempt at something new, it is not great, but it isn’t terrible.

When it actually comes to my problem with Bright, and the reason I gave it a 6/10 is because there is too much going on and it all gets lost. They have to build the characters, the world, the racial tension, the buddy cop element, the villain, the ultimate end-goal, the stakes and it is all thrown at all too quickly.  The story they chose was too big, there are three elements to sum up the film, 1] Police Drama, 2] Fantasy and 3] Social Commentary. It absolutely hits the head on the first point, bringing me to actually care about these characters, the buddy cop element is perfect and Smith and Edergton chemistry is fantastic. It struggles on the second point, with the elves sort of just being there and the fairies hardly spoken about (but, the Orcs are explained and you’ve got to leave something for the sequel right!). And I feel like it didn’t do the third point correctly at all, with it just being thrown in there – without and addressing it. I’m not the best to speak about it, so I will let Chance The Rapper explain instead:

Chance The Rapper

NETFLIX – gi. rotten tomatoes divide. Audience wins and this is big for franchises and films, we have seen a lot of films fail because the critics said so, but on NETFLIX people are watching because they see Will Smith and this is changing the way people see critics. At the end of the day, it is getting a sequel and reports are that eleven million people have viewed it. Nevertheless, reports have it that 11 millions people have watchd gthis film so far, People are saying the same thing, whilst it isn’t the GodFather quality it is defintly better than what they are giving it.

David Ayer just like sucice squad Joker is added onto the end

I Robot



Ultimately, I think the critics were expecting too much from it, and when they were let down they did not hold back. Audiences saw this, and thought it was going to be rubbish, and (normally wouldn’t pay to watch it in a cinema), because it is on NETFLIX, something everyone has now for one reason or the other, put it on and were pleasantly surprised to see it wasn’t absolute trash


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