I have done two blogs on this supposed war between Justice League and Thor Ragnarok. This post will focus on who I expect to win the Box Office, it is about who I expect to have the bigger worldwide total by the end of it all. If you haven’t already, you can see which one of the two films I think will be received better and their impacts on their franchises here

TRAILERS [WINNER: THOR in the head to head but JUSTICE LEAGUE overall]

There isn’t much to go on, but the first thing to look at when assessing the potential impact is the trailers. The two trailers below were released roughly at the same time, within a month of each other. Thor wins the head to head, with 46 million to Justice League’s 32 millions. But, overall, Justice League released more trailers; there was the Comic-Con one, the Official Trailer 1 and 2 and the “Heroes Unite” trailer among many more and the featurettes that are coming out now. Thor, on the other hand has been very stubborn on their releases, with only two big trailers coming out before the on flood media campaign. So, whilst Thor wins the head to head, there have been more trailers from Justice League, meaning that they won with the total views.





Given their history, I expect the MCU to deliver the win, but Justice League is a different beast we said it with Batman vs Superman but this time it is true. Justice League isn’t setting up the DCEU but rather is the DCEU it has to perform and therefore it has to win. But MCU has a history of churning out results and just looking at history alone, who would expect them to win.


It has to be said, I live in London and I have hardly seen any Thor Ragnarok advertising, I haven’t seen any on the buses or on billboards, whereas with Justice League (which is out in four weeks, three later than Thor), I have seen them being advertised everywhere I turn. Maybe this is because of the history of each franchise, and Thor will sell itself, especially considering it did so with the first two movies.


A poll that was taken during the summer showed that more people are looking forward to Justice League than Thor Ragnarok.


At this time no one knows, but I expect that will change very quickly, if you haven’t already here is the review predictions I made.


Quite frankly, it will come down to a couple of factors. I just expect the reviews for Justice League to be OK, and that everyone will think Thor is a better film. HOWEVER, it is the bloody JUSTICE LEAGUE. Surely, they have to win, it has to outperform. And then of course their competition has to be taken into account, if people like and go and watch Thor, pretty much everyone who watches Thor will turn out to watch JL. I don’t think JL will smash records but it will do good financially because it literally has to.

It is weird, but ultimately I expect JUSTICE LEAGUE to win because it has to. Thor Ragnarok is not of the same calibre of Justice League, it is not a team up like the Avengers. Yes, they created “Team Thor”, but it really shouldn’t be betting DC’s version of The Avengers. Baring in mind The Avengers smashed it out of the park, breaking all records.


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