The Marvel Cinematic Universe has dominated the box office for the last ten years, grinding out blockbuster after blockbuster, becoming the highest grossing franchise of all time. This is massively attributed to the man himself – Kevin Feige. Kevin is an absolute genius for what he has done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe but I believe and am hoping that the climax of Phase 3 will be the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I am not saying just close this franchise off, and I don’t want them to turn into a James Bond-like franchise and just have some random guy take up the mantel of Iron Man / Captain America. But, I think that they should just release one film at a time without teasing what is too come, just focus on each individual film not building up to anything because teasing something that is to come could be its failing as I don’t see anything being too different to the way they teased Thanos. Why should they cancel Phase 4? I hear you ask. Well let me explain…

  1. INHUMANSjionhubigyvftcdyrx The Inhumans is a great example of how bad the MCU could get. Of course; Inhumans has yet to come out but the trailers for it are terrible and show no promise. Furthermore; the lack of excitement for the Inhumans in the first place lead to it being converted into a TV Show. Although the MCU can pull off different stories (everyone was concerned about GOTG), how many more can they bring to the main-stream audience. I feel as though Inhumans is the first of many that may not give the desired outcome.
  2. It’s gone on for too long. It will get to a point where people will not be happy anymore with the MCU, so why not just go out with a bang. Avengers 4 would nicely wrap everything up and they can continue their films with viewing each as individuals. Because, every time a movie’s hero needs help everyone will ask why they don’t just get help from one of the other two hundred people that helped. Of course Avengers 3 & 4 can change this with some deaths (but I doubt Disney will allow that many).
  3. X-MENerty How are the X-Men going to work? After last year’s disastrous X-Men: Apocalypse I don’t want to see the X-Men shoe-horned into this franchise without it making perfect sense. Plus; I don’t want to see them start all over again, and the only ‘X-Man’ I care about – Logan is not coming back
  4. Will it survive without the current batch – without Thor, Captain America and Iron Man who will most likely stop after Avengers 4. Don’t get me wrong, Black Panther is amazing but you can’t expect a character that has yet to have his full movie to carry the next stage of this franchise, and then if you say GOTG will carry it – for how long – one more film? Plus; hearing there will be a GOTG 3 in Phase 4 takes away from Infinity War because I know the Guardians will be alright.
  5. Ultimately, I really don’t want two things to happen, the first is they lose money and then be uncertainty about their future, and then this will lead to the second which is that the studio will sacrifice the quality of the film for just some action flick (Fan4stic, Transfromers) or just tease what is to come, bringing back characters like Iron Man and Captain America whose stories have ended after Avengers 4.


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