Eight movies in and the Fast and Furious franchise does not seem to be slowing down (see what I did there). Although, apparently Vin Diesel has confirmed that the 10th installment will be the last, which quite frankly sounds ridiculous that we would want a 10th movie of anything that isn’t Police Academy. I have recently reviewed Fate of the Furious which can be seen here, and you can view other Fast & Furious posts right here. I thought it would be fun to rank the main characters of this franchise, I will be assessing their greatness, what impact they have had on the franchise and their actual character development. So without further ado…



Well, I am just going to put this out there, some of the choices in this list is going to make you scream “What???”, but apart from the first film what the hell is the point of Mia and what does she actually do. Only in the first film does she have any sort of significance, with her appearances in the sixth and seventh movie hardly having any importance. Yes, whilst Mia is ranked last it is because there is not much about her, she is Dom’s sister and Brian’s love interest – apart from that one scene in the fourth film where she breaks Dom out, she hasn’t really done anything.



I really liked Elena, she was just really cool and interesting. She was more than happy to be there for Dom and then understand why he had to leave when Letty was still alive. Maybe her having a son was a bit stupid but this is the Fast and Furious franchise after all and her death was great, I did not want it to happen and that surprised me because it showed how much I cared for a character that I had hardly seen. Based on-screen time alone, she has to be ranked lower and the only reason she makes the ranking of a main character is because she is in so many film.  Another reason she is on this list is because she is never advertised as being in the film and then when she appeared in the eighth film I was happy to see her.



I don’t know whether Sean Boswell knew the success the Fast franchise would bring, probably thinking the third would be a straight to DVD, well – if he did think it would be a great success – surely he is kicking himself that he is hardly in it. The third film was an OK film, some people I know really, really HATED it and others I know really, really loved it. I think he was OK in the film and I really loved the way he came back in the seventh film because of Han. And that, that picks up right where the end credit scene of Tokyo Drift leaves it. But, because we have hardly seen him he has to be lower down in the list.



He wasn’t exactly the stand out performance in the eight film – I think because we were so pre-occupied with Dom and Cipher, we didn’t really get to focus on the team and focus on the new recruit. I think he was good and funny, I know they will push for a bromance between him and Roman in the next film, but once again I haven’t seen him be amazing yet, he is funny and that is why he ranks higher than others on the list but because he is so new and we haven’t had much time to see what he is capable of he is in at number twelve.



If I had done this list after the seventh, I would’ve said the exact same thing that I just said about Little Nobody’s character for Ramsey’s character. But it seems there was no development for her character in the eighth film – she was just there, she only had one cool scene where her and cipher were in direct battle for the submarine. But that was more to show how smart Cipher was than how smart Ramsey was. Hopefully, in whatever direction they take the next film, there is more interaction between the team and we actually get to see Ramsey interact some more.



All of these seem to following a pattern. Mr Nobody is played by the legendary Kurt Russel and that in itself is a valid reason why he is eleventh. But although he is a great character, we just don’t know enough about him. I think that the Fast franchise has gone so ridiculous we as an audience no longer care (although I do have some problems with that which you can see in my Fate of the Furious review), but Mr Nobody is bit over the top maybe if I saw him do something then I would like him more.



Once again not enough of her, we know she is played by Charlie Therzon who is amazing, we know that she can be amazing and I really wanted to put her higher because I loved the way they linked Cipher into the sixth and seventh film and the franchise but from a character perspective, all she wants to do is control the world which makes her a crappy villain. And that was one of the problems I had with Fast 8 – there were no more real villains – but that being said I also had that problem with Furious 7. So, where (yes) she is a decent character, what I got from her versus the expectations I had in my head – especially when we are comparing this villain to villains in prior movies in the franchise is underwhelming. But, nevertheless – she did have some stand out scenes in her film and she is probably going to be the villain for the rest of the franchise



The most exciting phase of the franchise. Although Fast Five is the best film, Fast 6 has the best villain (it seems that Statham isn’t a villain anymore) and then that end credit scene with Jason Stratham was just amazing. Fast 5 started to turn the franchise and then every film started to have some continuity and (as I have already said) Fate of The Furious links Cipher with Shaw and it was fantastic. His appearance in the eighth film made me so happy and let us not forget that he was a pretty great villain – however he has to be lower down just because he is in the shadow of his brother. The only problem with the linking of Cipher with the Shaw family was that we were just told and I would have loved to have seen it. Because we haven’t really seen Owen there isn’t much to be said apart from what Dec says about him and that is that he is stupid. But Luke Evans is a fantastic actor and Owen Shaw and Fast 6 also have to be credited for all they have done.



And now it is game time, and we have to get serious. The following are the main characters in the franchise. I really liked Gisele she was so cool and her relationship with Han was fantastic. But out of the remaining, she does do the least, I was still very upset when she died and I hope she comes back in the future, especially considering the roles that the leading women in the franchise were given in recent films doesn’t allow much character development. But because I never saw Gisele herself do anything amazing and the massive success of Wonder Woman, it is only a matter of time before they bring her back – right.



It’s getting harder now, it was so hard to put Gisele ninth and it is even harder to put Han (a character I loved mainly because of that end-credit scene) in this list. I, at this time, would just like to point out that I have switched this top 8 multiple times. I love Han, I loved him in Tokyo Drift and was actually upset when he died and then I was baffled when he was still alive in the next movie. Han was the patient one, he was always the calmest even when planes were dropping around him. Unfortunately, I had to put him in eighth just because when you actually think about it, he wasn’t as a crucial character as the others – this is shown through his fate.



Once again, the eighth film does not do Ludacris’ Tej any favours. He, literally does nothing – before hand he was the tech guy, hacking ATM machines to give to the poor, he was the one who was tasked with hacking into the safe but now that Ramsey is in the team, he is no longer the hacker. So I don’t really know what he did in the eighth movie. The best thing about Tej was his bromance with Roman, but then with the potential romantic link with Ramsey coming between the two of them and the emergence of Little Nobody to take Roman’s bromance it left Tej with not much love. But once again to be fair, this is an issue I had with the eighth film, because apart from Dom, Cipher and Dec, others were not really given anything to do. We love Tej for his bromance with Roman but even that was kind of hit with the introduction of Little Nobody, but nevertheless he is a great character and I hope in the ninth film they can go back to it being an ensemble and then giving more for each character to do.



Here it is – business, I told you I switched the top 8 multiple times. Vin was number 2 a couple of times, and was even number eight once. And, I really do feel harsh for putting a character that is so pivotal to the franchise at sixth, but when we look at his development. All he does is stare angrily and then half whisper, half mumble something about family. Do not get me wrong, Vin is not at sixth because he is a bad character – because I believe that he is a fantastic character and it is because the other five characters are so great, but in all of the movies he isn’t the standout character or the character that any one film is based around – apart from the eighth (and I have already said too much about that). Brian is the star of the pretty much all of the movies, not Dom – Dom is necessary, because he is the face of the franchise but the film is about his family and not so much him.



I wanted to try to put him as high as possible, and I fell so stupid for putting him above Dom but Roman is my favourite character and I am 100% being bias when I put him this high. He is the comic relief in this franchise, he is consistently saying what we are all thinking and he is an accurate representation of the viewer plus he is an absolute bad ass, that scene where he stood up on the ice (let’s forget that, somehow, the Lamborghini door was bulletproof or that when Roman started to shoot them they stopped shooting back) and then he killed all those that were shooting at him was amazing. Even if we look back at the franchise, his relationship with Brian was a standout, his relationship with Tej is also fantastic. He – might not have any character development – but with a character like that (that is supposed to be on the side), you don’t need development. So, yes – Dom’s character is more important to the franchise but Roman’s character is funnier and I would rather watch Roman.


It is soo frustrating because I want Deckard to be higher, but he is lower because I haven’t seen him be 100 per cent awesome. I know he can be great, I want him to be great but apart from that fantastic airplane scene in the eighth, I haven’t scene him be an absolute killer. For me, he didn’t really do much in the seventh film, apart from when him and Vin rode cars into each other, and (somehow) destroyed half the city – but he wasn’t the villain that was teased to us. He killed Han so I thought he would try to take them out one at a time, and then actually fight all of them. But instead, what we got was a film was where Dom and the crew were running around looking for a device that can look for the person that was chasing them. And, then Fate of the Furious completely changed his character, he isn’t a villain anymore – yeah, we all knew that eventually he would join the team but I still wanted him to be a villain, maybe even though he was apart of the team he was only out for himself . I hear what you are saying, so why the hell is he fourth then? Even though he isn’t the character I wanted, a) it is JASON STATHAM, b) he kind of stills the show in the eighth film, with his bromance with Johnson and the prison scene making me so happy and c) the problem isn’t with the character but with myself. I wanted too much from this character.



The man who many credit with saving the franchise. I don’t think it was him per-se, but he still has a huge impact in the franchise. Another reason I didn’t really like Furious 7 is because The Rock was literally hardly in it. Dwayne Johnson has now become a movie star, he is releasing films every week and that is no doubt thanks to the franchise. Just in case anyone is thinking why he should be this high, I wanted you to remember the fifth film. There it is – the reason, he was amazing it in. That scene where Dom jumps out the window (I think), looks behind him and sees the Rock, I lost my mind. It was great, hopefully in the ninth film, they can give Johnson more to do again, when I was reading the reviews – the biggest problem was that Johnson and Diesel only had three scenes together, and they need to give Johnson more to do because he is one of the best characters in the franchise



Letty is one of the best characters in the franchise, she is loyal, brutal and can take care of herself. That scene where she fights (that woman from Deadpool) in Fast & Furious 6 and when she fights Ronda Rousey in Furious 7 are fantastic scenes. She is second only because there can only be one number one and we all know who that has to go to. Just to show how important and great she is to the franchise, I hated the fourth film because she died, it just made me hate the film. And yes, she wasn’t in the best film (Fast Five), but that end credit scene that teases her still being alive made the film even better. I only have two problems with her character, the first is that dumb scene of them remembering their marriage, and then it was all of a sudden “I love you again”, I thought that was cliché, and could’ve done better. And my second problem is how she literally doesn’t do anything in the eighth film, she is really weak in the eighth film – just insisting that Dom has not gone rogue and not done anything about it.

UPDATE: It is just a conscience that this happened, Rodriguez went onto instagram saying she would leave unless a bigger role was given to her and that is exactly what I said.



There could literally only be one number one. The best character in the franchise has to be Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner – I have many issues with Furious 7, but because of the unfortunate circumstances surrounding it I forgive quite a lot. And I think that with Furious 7, they just turned it into a tribute to Paul Walker, and that is what made it so great. The franchise is about Brian and his relationships, his relationship with Dom, with Mia, with Roman, with Tej. Furious 7 was so emotional and was a fitting tribute to Paul Walker in that sense. And let us not forget that he was pretty awesome, he was a cop, who abandoned it to be a criminal, could race, kill, shoot, crack jokes- the complete package for a Fast and Furious film. Brian O’Conner is the best Fast and Furious character.

I am fully aware that I said practically every character is great. It is because they are and as I said I don’t think this franchise is about any one character – it is an ensemble and that is where The Fate of the Furious went wrong.


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