Logan is a 2017 film based on the Wolverine character played by Hugh Jackman. Wolverine has ruled over the X-Men franchise – becoming as synonymous and significant as RDJ and Iron Man to the MCU. Logan follows an older Wolverine as he fights his inner demons whilst trying to do right by his friend – Charles Xavier. The year is 2029 and the mutants are gone, Logan is old and sick and so to is Charles, but Charles’ sickness has the power to kill a lot of people. Logan is determined to do right by Charles until his life is flipped upside down with the emergence of a new mutant that Charles insists they as, X-Men help.

Dubbed as Jackman’s last outing, Logan is a delight and Logan is a fantastic tribute to a character and actor that has served the franchise so well. However, it doesn’t come without flaws in my opinion, whilst definitely one of the better films in the franchise, it still left me slightly disappointed with certain aspects. However, let that take nothing away from the sheer delight and emotion the film brings. It is an emotional, gory masterpiece and is a fitting end to the character. I only have very small nitpicks with the film but I fully understand if the film was to fulfil my nitpicks then that would mean it would take away from the message of the film, let these nitpicks take nothing away from the film. I really enjoyed Logan and that is why I gave it an 8 out of 10 or A-.

Whilst the other X-Men movies appeal as an action packed film, Logan aims to pull on the heartstrings. And boy o boy that it absolutely does, giving us the best incarnations of Charles and Logan to date. I’m just going to say because I am an adult, I cried during the film I am not ashamed, and if you say you did not feel just the smallest amount of emotion then just leave this review. The characters are phenomenal in the film, everyone from the Holbrook (the baddie) to Stephen Merchant are incredible. The story itself is slightly weak it must be said, it is what we have seen before in certain places (when they encounter a family that helps them) but because of the sheer emotion that is poured into this film and the wonderful acting that not only develops the characters but also shows a new side of them it is totally cool. Another reason the story is slightly weak is because there is no conclusion but that being said as I said earlier that is on message as it is supposed to be LOGAN’s film so it follows his path and not necessarily the story’s. But the film is just fantastic, my only other critique is I would have liked (maybe) a little more continuity but once again the film aims for the stars and hits them in terms of performance and it is truly the Wolverine film you have wanted all this time. And, we have to take a minute to thank Deadpool because we finally get to see Wolverine in all his gory (glory), he is chopping of heads, X23 is stabbing guys – it is amazing. Logan is the Wolverine film you have truly wanted and if you are ready for your heart to be ripped out then this is the definite film for you


Whilst the spoiler free part was a general overview here I will talk about the parts of the film that I liked and the parts that fid not hit my wildest hopes

Before I really start getting into this film I need to just say can we all stand up and give a massive round of applause or the loudest cheer to FOX. They had the courage to not only give creative control to the filmmakers and to not only let it be an R rated film and to not only let us see Wolverine in all his glory. But they did not once ride off the success of the X Men franchise, and I know what you are thinking but Adam you just said a minute ago you want more continuity and now your saying you’re happy X-Men weren’t in it and to that I say I can like what I want. But, nah, I would’ve liked more continuity but I thank FOX for having the courage to not ride on the wave. For example when I spoke to a couple of friends about going to watch it they had no idea who it was or what it was about, but if it was called X-Men: Logan then they would’ve known.

As I have pretty much already explained, I loved quite a lot about the movies, the characters, emotion but it doesn’t come without me questioning some things. What I really wanted to see was a final stand, an upset Logan (but because this is not his character I cannot really complain), killing everyone leaving everything on the floor but because he is sick he actually can’t. When he is trying to fight and is angry to max he is not the bad ass I want to see. Obviously when he pumps himself with the green juice he is what I have been waiting for, but then he isn’t emotional. I wanted to see a scene where Charles dies and then Logan chases everyone and kills them all for Charles. I would have liked to see maybe Logan grieve a little more but once again I can’t complain because this is Wolverine’s character and if they did what I asked then it would be changing the character they have built up

I have already said quite a lot about the emotion and the characters but I just wanted to say that there wasn’t one character I did not like. I – maybe – wanted a better villain, but I loved the actor. I think it was because he wasn’t the top dog that the villain was kind of weak. If they gave him more weighting as a character I think it would be a better balanced film, The actual top dog I couldn’t really care less about. Charles and Logan STEAL the show, Charles is amazing and I loved every scene he was in – the story line of him killing all the mutants and him blaming Logan to his actual death where he remembers (which I will get on to). I (to my surprise) liked Stephan Merchant, which once again messes up the continuity of the franchise because who is he to the one that was in Apocalypse – let’s just forget about that film. When I was watching the movie and they teased X24, the one thing I didn’t want was X24 to be Wolverine –  I wanted it to be a kid, and then we can see Logan dashing this kid about but then I warmed to it because I think the idea behind that was to put a Wolverine in a Logan movie, but the one thing I would have loved is if he was wearing a yellow suit – BOY I would have loved it and lost my SHIT.

On to X-23, she fantastic absolutely great, a delight, a great actor, a great fighter and (eh) a great driver? Yeah, she is a great driver – which when to think about it (and don’t give me that BS of Logan needed to protect her), why did they need Logan? If she can drive and he just slept during the ride so he couldn’t of even protected her – what was the use of him? And, also she speaks English, so why is she in Spanish half the time? Also why is she going to Canada? BUT WHO CARES – poor Logan and Charles. The more I think about it , I come to realise that Logan wasn’t there to save X-23, it was X-23 who saved (sob) Logan.

On to the deaths, I loved both of the deaths. Charles actually made me cry (I AM NOT ASHAMED), the way he was telling Logan he remembered what happened and X23 was listening it was an amazing scene, and probably one of my favourite in the entire franchise alongside the Quicksilver running scene. For me, Logan’s death was a bit like “Oh, so that happened”, I was NOT happy it was a bloody tree that killed him, that really did annoy me, I would have loved a final stand, where each soldier just starts to shoot him, I don’t want him pinned in a tree.

I have two other problems. The first was how quick Logan and X23 cared for each other, obviously I understand that but I would have liked definite confirmation on yes, that is your father, because maybe they just created a new Wolverine. My second problem is I want to see what happened next, but once again that is not the story so I must be contempt with what I have got.

So, yeah there it is – I loved the movie, most of the complaints I have would completely change the message of the film and it would impact the vision so I have to be happy with what I got. Let us just take a second and compare Logan to the rest of the X-Men franchise, it is miles better than any other Wolverine movie and is better than Deadpool. I think it ranks a one of the best X-Men films, I still think DOFP is up there and so to is the first and second X-Men.

So, there we have it. I absolutely loved Logan and I give it a very good  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / 10 – an A-.


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