After the recent surge of renewals and the end of the fall cycle, the summer TV cycle is in full effect. So, it got me thinking, which TV shows should have one last season the coming fall and call it a day. Some are because they have lost their touch and are simply ruining it’s legacy, and others are because they have been on air for TOO LONG. Here are ten shows that should be concluded this fall



I would be lying if I said that I still watched Grey’s Anatomy – having given up sometime during season 6 and always having the intention to return to it. But it has currently just wrapped it’s 12th season – and from what I have seen it is simply not the same show that I fell in love with. 12 seasons are a long time, most of the characters that the fans loved have either gone or died. Grey’s has had a great run and it won’t be forgotten but it needs to be given a rest. How many more times can Seattle be hit with a disaster? It is better to end and be remembered as a great show than continue and ruin it’s legacy. Although I do not like spin-offs much, if worse comes to worse, come back in five years and start it again with a new city or completely new characters.


the-big-bang-theoryAh, Big Bang Theory. The truth is they could release another 200 episodes and I would still watch each one trying to persuade myself that it was back to it’s best. But the show has changed and yes – whilst it needed to, it’s evolution took away some of the key aspects that we all loved. Luckily the addition of Bernadette and Amy have been able to suffice, but TBBT is a key example of a show that has gone on long enough. The show relies on cheap laughs and gags, and has never truly reached the comedy heights of the earlier seasons- when every episode was gold. And, yes whilst I say this now, I will still try and convince myself that it is the best sitcom on air, but I think TBBT’s legacy is being impacted and the producers should just end it. But, nevertheless, I will still watch any more episodes that are made

SIDE NOTE: Who knows if the young Sheldon Cooper spin off will be good?



Whilst the other shows listed are generic, and generally because people believe they have gone on long enough, I believe Arrow should end just because it is the shell of a mannequin that we fell in love with. Arrow was one of the best shows I watched, I would look forward to watching it but it has just become muddled, re-hashing the same plot lines of Oliver sulking, the will-they-won’t-they of Felicity and Oliver is no longer of any interest to me. That being said, it must be mentioned that whenever I feel like giving up on the show they do pull of an amazing shock. However, is Arrow even necessary anymore, let’s just take Arrow, Felicity and the other characters we love and put them in Flash. Flash has fast (see what I did there) become one of the best shows on TV. I am in no way saying end the character’s appearance, but just don’t tell a story if it isn’t strong (cough,cough, SEASON 4, cough, cough).



I am an OUAT fan – I’m not ashamed. I say that with pride, I have watch every season – bar the last half. And, why you ask? Because I was 100 per cent sure it was going to be cancelled – Emma is leaving, I think a couple others are too and that will mean the show will be completely different. It is easier to end it than try and continue the show. The last 2 seasons have been poor – once again relying on shocks to carry the audience (Emma turning rogue, Robin Hood’s fate), and the actual story lines have not hit the heights of prior seasons – such as “Neverland” or even the first season. It is time to end the show and maybe come back to it later if there is still an appetite, but there are only so many stories to tell until you are scraping the bottom of the barrel, case and point – that Frozen season. OUAT has had a great run, but it is time to hang it up and leave it.



Hawaii Five-O was one of my favourite shows back in 2013, but when it moved to Friday nights I kind of stopped watching. I didn’t think the show would continue for much longer, I plan to get back into it but it is on it’s eighth season now, and quite frankly, it has gone on for long enough. Maybe, the next season should be it’s last, it is better to end a TV show on your terms than for the network to cancel it or stop it. Even looking at it’s ratings, they aren’t that impressive and it is only a matter of time before the network pull the plug – so go out on your own terms. Plus – I heard Max left, and he was one of my favourite characters. So, I hope that the producers end it on their terms, because Hawaii Five O’s first season was INCREDIBLE and it turned me into a fan, The longer the show continued, the more it turned into a Lost reunion, but I didn’t mind because I loved it. It is that love that hopes the show writes it’s own ending.



I will be lying if I said I had watched just one episode of Criminal Minds, recently renewed for season 13. And that number in itself is why this show should end. THIRTEEN seasons, how much longer can it go on? What else can they do? I just feel like this show should end, and give it’s slot to a new show that the new generation can start with and watch and become fans.



(yes, that means spin offs or any other show that has NCIS in it)

Which one to stop you may ask. ALL OF THEM, this is ridiculous – NCIS will be on it;s 15th season this fall, NCIS: LA will be on it’s ninth and New Orleans on it’s fourth. New Orleans can stay, but it is time to bring this franchise to a close, just like CSI, I don’t see the franchise lasting much longer. CSI has now ended, and NCIS should follow suit – going out on it’s own terms. We can always come back to the world.



These keep following a similar theme, but the truth is these shows have gone on for way too long. Supernatural is going to be on it’s 13th season, I tried to catch up on it a couple of years ago – but not even me could watch it all the way. I gave up after the 7th season. And, whilst I loved the first 4 seasons – the show just starts to deteriorate after that. I don’t know whether the show has returned to it’s previous best – I doubt so, but nevertheless, 13 seasons is a great achievement and it should end before the CW cancels it.



Here is something interesting for you, this show is ten (TEN) years older than me. TEN WHOLE YEARS. And, yes – maybe it isn’t as good as it was but I wouldn’t know, because I don’t watch it anymore, and I feel the longer the show continues the more people like me who haven’t actually watched it anymore believe the people that say that the show “isn’t good anymore”, and that is ruining it’s legacy. The Simpsons is one of the greatest shows ever, and maybe it could continue for another 10 seasons – but what is the point? Surely, after the success of the Simpsons Movie – the producers know they can just make sequels and turn it into a massive box office juggernaut. But, the truth is I will still be upset if FOX cancels it, or if it ends because it has had such a big impact on my life.



Dick Wolf is a genius, and if I didn’t love the Chicago franchise (Fire, PD & Med), I would hate him. He makes me watch Law & Order: SVU episodes when he does those crossover specials. So I have sit there watching a show I have never seen before, just so I can see maybe 10 minutes of someone from the Chicago franchise. GENIUS. But, this franchise should be ended just because Wolf has a great franchise in Chicago – to have two franchises is just greed. Law & Order: SVU has gone on for long enough. I think it is time to call it a day


However, it isn’t only current TV shows that should be left dead. But other dead shows that are insisted on being brought back. For example, I saw this: , it shows that FOX still plan to do something else with 24 but what they need to do is LET 24 BE DEAD, this is a franchise that is gone. It is dead, nobody wants it anymore. LEAVE IT ALONE.


So there we have it, ten shows that should be given a rest – yes, whilst most of them are because they have gone on long enough – I think the danger with their continuation is it will ruin their legacy (for example, Heroes). Whilst I have said that a return to the world is always on the cards, if the story is not there please do not, I fear the danger is that executives are now pushing a show through via it’s name – and that is what is taking away from it’s legacy.



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