Over 5 months ago I made a few predictions for the premiere of The Walking Dead, I was kind of right. I guessed that two people would die and they would both be the obvious choice or secondary characters. Considering tbe finale airs this Sunday, I thought it was time to bring back the predictions and make some predictions for the episode that an entire season as been hyping and building up to.

Spoilers, this should be a given by now, but if somehow you have got onto this random blog, the rest of this post will spoil The Walkinng Dead for you.

1] DEATHS – you are probably thinking ‘Obviously, everyone knows that’, but I think it won’t be one death or even two. But three characters will die. I think at least two main characters will die. I think that Aaron will die or his husband – just to give some character development there. If Sasha it is a sticky situation, because they have teased Sasha’s death so much already – but I think she is going to survive, just disapear so we don’t see her anymore or we are not going to know what happened to her similar to Corey Hawkins, so if Star Trek fails she can come back. Rosita will survive, but I’m not sure if Morgan – he too might run away. I am going to take this back ti my prediction five months ago and say that Michonne dies.

2] NEGAN WILL LIVE but Steven will die and Rick will no longer answer to Neegan. Quite frankly something like that has to happen or the fans will stop watching,

3] Zombies get involved in the fight. I can already invision the final fight, they are fighting each other and then the zombies get involved.

3] THE TIGER IS GOING TO DIE? –  I am not confident with this but we have to see the tiger in action right. And it really hasn’t done much, plus CGI for it myst be expensive so it will probably give that kne scene and then die

5] Rick gets his revenge, he (loses an arm? – I don’t think that will happen quite yet), but he makes someone get on their knees (I am being very vague, because I don’t want to go all out and just say Neegan), maybe he will grt Steven on his knees and then smash him to bits?

6] Eugene saves Neegan, or plays a role.


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