Season 7 of the Walking Dead, hasn’t exactly been the shows best. But no one will probably remember how bad the season was, if it absolutely smashes it out of the park in the upcoming season finale – which I fully expect it do to. So I thought, I should rank the seasons of The Walking Dead from last to first. Because it isn’t exactly fair to judge Season 7 when it has yet to finish, I have only included the first half of Season 7.

I have been watching The Walking Dead since it’s second season. So, I am not exactly a die-hard fan, but I have been watching it before everyone else jumped on the hype. So, my memory may be a bit weezy, and I might not remember things accurately. Another thing to bear in mind is the way I felt watching that season. For example, Season 7 will be low on the list because I expected to be great, but it is mainly just filler.

So here his my take on The Walking Dead


twd_s2_poster_035b15d_full.jpgOf course, as I have already said, I have been a Walking Dead fan since the second season aired, so I can’t exactly remember every single episode from every season. And all I remember from season 2 is that damn farm. Almost dragging myself through it to watch what was going to happen. The only interesting part was when Shane killed Otis (I think that was his name), this scene, but apart from that I can’t remember anything. Please tell me what the hell happened please on that farm. It is the weakest season of the show so far



A solid start to the show, it was too short to really analysis, but it was still good. It is in sixth place because it doesn’t come with all the things you associate with the TV show (deaths), it instead focuses on setting the world, characters and the story. It is only eight episodes long and that is a major reason for it coming in so low in the list, the fact that there wasn’t much to it.



*so far. Dare I say it but Season 7 is turning out to be exactly like Season 2, the only saving grace of the second season was the season finale when the farm burnt down. The seventh season premiere was amazing (although predictable, it was amazing). The only amazing gracec was those two brutal killings. However, the standard that the show have set means that thus season is failing in comparison to the reset. The only saving grace of the season is if they have a Game of Thrones ‘Battle Of Bastards’ esquiqe finale.



They finish up in the prison and finally defeat the Governor. They walk to Terminus however they are all separated and then spend the next couple of episodes explaining how when they find each other they will never split up but when they find each other they all split again (but I’ll get onto that), it is a solid entry into the series. It wasn’t exactly a great season but it was better than the filler they are forcing upon now



One of the best scenes ever – Bob gets eaten by the cannibals, and (another one of my favourite scenes) Carol blows up Terminus and of course one of the greatest deaths – Noah’s. This is the season where the show started to become great, this was a great season. It is in third place for two reasons, the first is because of something that bugged me a lot, after they promise they wont split they do and this is a recurrence, and then they spend the next couple of episodes trying to find them. And second, because although I think that this season was better than the season I have put in second place, I think that the season I put in second place had some of the best episodes of the entire show. Great moments include:

  • Father Gabriel.
  • Trying to find Beth, which has the best ending. (Another great death)
  • Rick goes crazy and tries to kill everyone.
  • Morgan is found.


the_walking_dead_season_6_ The second part of the season is all about leading into Negan, although we don’t actually see him and it is a bit rubbish towards the end of the season, the first 8 episodes are the best episodes in the show and if we were ranking in term of parts, it would be first whilst the second part would be last. I don’t think that it is a better season as a whole than my third place but it had some of the best episodes in it. Has two of the best episodes in ‘No Way Out’ and ‘Here’s Not Here’, and has that cliffhanger. But the final couple of episodes are filler to we see Negan, they were teasing a fight but we never got one. Plus the Wolves are introduced only for us not to really care about them again. Great moments include:

  • Everyone thinks Glenn is dead
  • They kill off an entire family
  • Morgan learning the stick fighting ritual




This is the season with the prison. They finally killed Laurel, and Shane was what made the show big. It was fantastic, almost finishing the first chapter of the show – turning it from surviving into living (by that I mean instead of just fighting the zombies instead they turned on each other). Best season (if we forget that little time period where Rick was upset about Laurel’s death) because it had action and drama, I think the turning point was the Governor. Shane was the best villain and to me at the beginning of the show I preferred him to Rick, so they needed a villain to match the heights of Shane, and they did that with The Governor, this is what turned the show from a mediocre zombie show to a ratings wrecking ball. Season Three has to be credited as the season that started it all, it made everyone start to watch. It made Shane a star. Great moments include:

  • Shane’s death
  • Rick cuts of Hershel’s leg
  • Daryl has to kill Merle
  • Andrea (finally) dies
  • T-Dog’s death (don’t worry man, I haven’t forgotten about you – thanks for saving Carol.)

Fantastic moments include:

  • LAUREL’S DEATH – Hallelujah
  • Michonne cuts out The Governor’s eye

So there is my take on The Walking Dead seasons ranked.



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