Over the last seven weeks I have been hooked on Legion. Do I really understand what the hell is going on? No. Does it confuse me? Yes. And do I have any idea what they could do next? No. But, considering I am *kinda* a genius at predictions, I have made a few that I think will happen in the season finale

Image result for spoilers everywhere

OK, down to business – this is just me guessing and it will *almost* definitely be wrong – I am saying this because I have made predictions in the past and all of them were pretty close, so I like to think I am quite good at it – but I am in uncharted waters here, because I have no idea what the hell is going on! Also, it is quite easy to make simple boring predictions, but I want to make bold predictions, so either go bold or go home.

1] The first thing I think is going to happen is we are going to see Professor X. I told you I was going bold, I don’t think he will have a role in it just yet, but we will definitely be told that, that is his father and maybe see a picture of him or something, although I said this was a bold prediction, they literally showed us his wheelchair, so I expect it.

2] A death, maybe Ptonomy Wallace, Kerry Loudermilk (but I don’t think it will be her just because they have teased it so many times)  or Amy Haller. But I think something will definitely happen with Oliver Bird. I think his death is the most likely, just because it gives Melanie more character development for the second season. Or it maybe one of those where David has to sacrifice himself to save everyone else

3] Talking about character development, this show is as much a romance as it is a super hero show. The main relationship is the romance between Dan Steven’s David Haller and Rachel Keller’s Syd Barret, and so there must be some sort of resolution to the relationship or development and so, if my previous guess (the bit where David sacrifices himself) isn’t correct, then I think she manages to touch him and not turn. Or, she has to touch him to save him, or something along those lines – I see her coming out of the episode with the confidence of having it under control

4] Whatever goes on, you can guarantee you’ll feel lost twenty times during the show.



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