House of Cards was NETFLIX’s first original TV show. And, to me, it is what begun this sudden surge of web streaming exclusives. Netflix now boasts some of the biggest shows – Orange Is The New Black, Daredevil and I think that is down the the roaring success Netflix have enjoyed with House Of Cards. I have been a House Of Cards fan since the very first season dropped, the fifth season will be released on the 30th May – to pass the time until then, I thought I would rank the seasons of HOUSE OF CARDS.

SPOILERS….for everything.

4] SEASON 3 –  7/10

This season is by fair the worst season in the show. The reason I loved the show was because you didn’t know what was next – but in season 3, the spotlight was very much more on Clarie and Frank’s relationship where I enjoyed watching it I preferred watching Frank scheme . Whilst Season 2 had hit the limit with the poltics (Frank was president), I do not think the season did enough with Frank. The season instead focused on Doug (who I was so greatful was still alive and I love), and focused (as I have said) on the relationship between Frank and Claire, something I did not really care about. But the biggest reason, Season 3 ranks last is because there was no big shocker – some may say that Claire leaving in the end was a shock. But I remember watching it all, and thinking that the season was just underwhelming. In season two, Zoe was killed off and we thought Doug had died. In season four, Frank got shot. The biggest death that happened in Season 3 was Doug killing Racheal, something I bet you can’t even remember, and tbat writer! The one who wrote a book on tbe Underwoods. We don’t want to see that, we want to see Frank kill someone. It simply wasn’t as good as the other seasons. So that is why I it is rated so low because it stands no where near the first two

3] SEASON 4  – 8/10

Season 4 was the return of the House of Cards that we all loved, it was  back to the shadiness, back to the unpredictability. Back to the idea that no one messes with Frank. It is a solid return to form, and whilst it might not match the heights of the first two seasons, it definitely reminds you just how amazing the show is. I mean Frank got shot, they finally resolved the Frank and Clarie storyline (for a little bit at the least) and we got to see more of the politics. Frank’s whole goal of the TV show is to be president, and it is really looking like he won’t be. So there is a clear direction for the season, something that I think Season 3 lacked. Although I am critical of Season 3, I think it is just unfortunate it had to follow in the footsteps of the first two seasons, and any season would’ve struggled. It was a return to the roots of the TV show, Frank having to operate in the shadows – it is a solid 8

2] SEASON 2 – 8.5/10

Zoe died. Zoe died! That is like Iron Man dying in the first 30 minutes of the Avengers. Doug was assumed to be dead. Frank became president, he managed to get up to the top. But Zoe died! At first I was angry, because Zoe was one of my favourites in the show, but I loved the courage of the producers and the shock that hit me. The first season is AMAZING, and the best thing in it was Peter and Zoe, and they got rid of both of them! This was a long time ago, so I cannot remember exactly what happened in each episode, but I do remember thinking it wasn’t as good as the first season, but it definitely held it’s own.

1] SEASON 1  – 9/10

Brilliant simply brilliant. Like I said, I cannot remember it as much because it was so long ago but I remember being blown away. I will not lie, when I watched the first season I was 13, the episodes were so long and they were something you had to focus on. I finished the first season and told my friends to watch it, they lasted 10 minutes and said it was to long. But, oddly enough, the first scene is what go me hooked – when Frank kills the dog, I do not know why, but I genuinely remember it. The first season started everything, it started the rest of the show, it showed that original Netflix shows do work. It is what I loved about the show, Frank had to seize power and he used Peter (who by the way is amazing in this) to do this. This season was probably one of the best seasons I had ever watched.

So, there are my House of Cards seasons ranked. I know I can’t what for the fifth season, I hope it is more scheming and poltical and less passion-fueled. But, no matter what I say, I’m still going to binge it.


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