So, as you should all know, the Academy Awards are this Sunday. So I thought it would be really nice if I could do a blog on the Oscars. I wanted to do a blog on what will win and what I think should win because they don’t always necessarily work but didn’t think it would be fair because I haven’t watched all of the films. Out of the main that are nominated, I have watched Hacksaw Ridge, Hidden Figures, Moonlight, Arrival and Hell or High Water. And I refuse to watch La La Land because it looks RUBBISH! (I probably will have to watch it when it wins all the awards)

I fully expect La La Land to sweep the board, in categories like Sound Mixing and Production Design. So I thought it’ll be more interesting to do the main categories, because I don’t think it will be as easy for La La Land in those categories. What I have done is made three predictions, the first is what I is the favourite to win, the second is my personal choice and the third is the one that might cause the upset.


  1. Deepwater Horizon – Craig Hammack, Jason Snell, Jason Billington, and Burt Dalton
  2. Doctor Strange – Stephane Ceretti, Richard Bluff, Vincent Cirelli, and Paul Corbould
  3. The Jungle Book – Robert Legato, Adam Valdez, Andrew R. Jones, and Dan Lemmon
  4. Kubo and the Two Strings – Steve Emerson, Oliver Jones, Brian McLean, and Brad Schiff
  5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – John Knoll, Mohen Leo, Hal Hickel, and Neil Corbould

Who will win: Jungle Book
Who I want to win: Jungle Book / Doctor Strange
Who might have a chance: Doctor Strange / Rogue One

Looking at all of the 5 nominations, I have seen them all. And, in Deepwater Horizon, the visual effects were great – but they were only in there for the last 20 minutes. Doctor Strange had some stunning visuals and so to did Jungle Book. I don’t really understand why Kubo is in there, after all it is an animation. And Rogue One had good visuals. I have gone with Jungle Book, because their visuals are just stupid good. Doctor Strange and Rogue One might have a chance. Doctor Strange’s visuals were amazing, and the Academy always likes to give Oscars to Star Wars films, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Rogue One won.

WINNER – The Jungle Book


  1. Kubo & the Two Strings – Travis Knight and Arianne Sutner
  2. Moana – John Musker, Ron Clements, and Osnat Shurer
  3. My Life as a Zucchini – Claude Barras and Max Karli
  4. The Red Turtle – Michaël Dudok de Wit and Toshio Suzuki
  5. Zootopia – Byron Howard, Rich Moore, and Clark Spencer

Who will win: Zootopia / Moana
Who I want to win: Zootopia
Who might have a chance: Moana / Kubo & the Two Strings

This one is probably the hardest one I have had to pick. I went for Zootopia because it was my favourite animated film of 2016, better than Finding Dory which I can’t believe isn’t nominated. I liked Kubo, but if I’m being honest, it took me two days to watch, I kept falling asleep in the first half an hour! But I do think the Academy is always picking something different for this award – and Kubo does fit the bill. And then there is Moana, which looked great, but I don’t think was the best in that category, but it would make sense if the Oscar went to them, following in Frozen’s footsteps.

WINNER – Zootopia


  1. Casey Affleck – Manchester by the Sea as Lee Chandler
  2. Andrew Garfield – Hacksaw Ridge as Desmond T. Doss
  3. Ryan Gosling – La La Land as Sebastian Wilder
  4. Viggo Mortensen – Captain Fantastic as Ben Cash
  5. Denzel Washington – Fences as Troy Maxson

Who will win:  Casey Affleck

Who I want to win: Casey Affleck/ Denzel Washington

Who might have a chance: Denzel Washington
I do not expect Ryan Gosling to win, just looking at the other awards, Casey Affeleck swept the board. That tends to mean that Casey Affeleck will win, I think the rason I have put Denzel in there mainly for hope, I think he is a great actor and would love it if he wins another Oscar. I really liked Andrew Garfield this year in Hackshaw Ridge and Silence but I don’t think this year will be his win. Quite frankly it will be a shock if Ryan or anybody that isn’t Casey wins

WINNER – Casey Affleck


  1. Isabelle Huppert – Elle as Michèle Leblanc
  2. Ruth Negga – Loving as Mildred Loving
  3. Natalie Portman – Jackie as Jackie Kennedy
  4. Emma Stone – La La Land as Mia Dolan
  5. Meryl Streep – Florence Foster Jenkins as Florence Foster Jenkins

Who will win: Emma Stone
Who I want to win: Emma Stone
Who might have a chance: Natalie PortmanMeryl Streep

You may be thinking, why have I have said that I want Emma Stone to win after I said I hated the look of La La Land. It is because I really like Emma Stone, the only reason I would watch La La Land is because of her. And also because there is no point fighting over this award, it is clearly going to her. I haven’t seen Jackie, but I have heard that Natalie Portman’s performance was good. But, once again. Emma Stone has practically won every award this season for her role as Mia Dolan, that it has to be hers.

WINNER – Emma Stone


  1. Mahershala Ali – Moonlight as Juan
  2. Jeff Bridges – Hell or High Water as Marcus Hamilton
  3. Lucas Hedges – Manchester by the Sea as Patrick Chandler
  4. Dev Patel – Lion as Saroo Brierley
  5. Michael Shannon – Nocturnal Animals as Detective Bobby Andes

Who will win: Dev PatelMahershala Ali
Who I want to win: Dev Patel/ Mahershala Ali
Who might have a chance: ?

Here is where is where it gets a bit harder, it seems like a two horse race. And it is really, really tight. From a selfish point of view, I want Mahershala Ali to win just because I loved his performances in 2016, not only Moonlight, but House Of Cards and Luke Cage. But I think Dev Patel might just pip this one, just because he did win the BAFTA and has beaten his competitors in other awards. But it is really, really close. I do like Dev Patel to win, just because of Slumdog Millionaire, but I have to give it to Mahershala Ali

WINNER – Mahershala Ali


  1. Viola Davis – Fences as Rose Maxson
  2. Naomie Harris – Moonlight as Paula
  3. Nicole Kidman – Lion as Sue Brierley
  4. Octavia Spencer – Hidden Figures as Dorothy Vaughan
  5. Michelle Williams – Manchester by the Sea as Randi

Who will win: Viola Davis
Who I want to win: Viola Davis / Naomie Harris
Who might have a chance: Naomie Harris

This one is slightly easier, it is still a two horse race but Viola Davis looks to win it. Just looking at other awards this year, Viola Davis has won everything, so I fully expect her to win the award this time around. Of course, Naomie Harris has a chance, but I don’t think that she could beat Viola Davis – obviously I might be wrong, so don’t destroy me

WINNER – Viola Davis


  1. Denis Villeneuve – Arrival
  2. Mel Gibson – Hacksaw Ridge
  3. Damien Chazelle – La La Land
  4. Kenneth Lonergan – Manchester by the Sea
  5. Barry Jenkins – Moonlight

Who will win: Damien Chazelle
Who I want to win: Barry Jenkins / Mel Gibson
Who might have a chance: Barry Jenkins / Mel Gibson

Unfortunately, I think this years awards will be La La Land’s, they do have the most nominations and will *probably* have the most wins. Damien Chazelle looks to be the one who is favourite to win it, but I don’t think we should rule out Barry Jenkins or Mel Gibson. I imagine Barry Jenkins is close and Mel Gibson is close as well, but ultimately, Damien Chazelle will come one top

WINNER – Damien Chazelle


  1. Arrival – Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, Aaron Ryder, and David Linde
  2. Fences – Scott Rudin, Denzel Washington, and Todd Black
  3. Hacksaw Ridge – Bill Mechanic and David Permut
  4. Hell or High Water – Carla Hacken and Julie Yorn
  5. Hidden Figures – Donna Gigliotti, Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping, Pharrell Williams, and Theodore Melfi
  6. La La Land – Fred Berger, Jordan Horowitz, and Marc Platt
  7. Lion – Emile Sherman, Iain Canning, and Angie Fielder
  8. Manchester by the Sea – Casey Affleck, Kimberly Steward, Chris Moore, Lauren Beck, and Kevin J. Walsh
  9. Moonlight – Adele Romanski, Dede Gardner, and Jeremy Kleiner

Who will win: La La Land

Who I want to win: Moonlight

Who might have a chance: Moonlight / Manchester By The Sea

Like I have just said, this year’s awards are La La Land’s to lose. It seems that they are unstoppable, and every other film is in their shadow. That being said, Moonlight and Manchester By The Sea do have an outside chance, so I would still be shocked but not that badly if one of them two do win. I really hope Moonlight wins, but unfortunately, it is in La La Land’s shadow, but that being said…


WINNER – Moonlight. I am not a betting man, but I think it will be boring if I just went for the obvious choices. So I am backing Moonlikght




    1. Allied


  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


  • Florence Foster Jenkins


  • Jackie  – WINNER


  • La La Land






    1. Fire at Sea


  • I Am Not Your Negro


  • Life, Animated


  • O.J.: Made in America – WINNER


  • 13th






    1. Extremis – WINNER


  • 4.1 Miles


  • Joe’s Violin


  • Watani: My Homeland


  • The White Helmets






    1. Land of Mine


  • A Man Called Ove


  • The Salesman


  • Tanna


  • Toni Erdmann  – WINNER






    1. A Man Called Ove


  • Star Trek Beyond


  • Suicide Squad  – WINNER






    1. Jackie


  • La La Land  – WINNER


  • Lion


  • Moonlight


  • Passengers





    1. Arrival


  • La La Land – WINNER


  • Lion


  • Moonlight


  • Silence




    1. Arrival


  • Hacksaw Ridge


  • Hell or High Water


  • La La Land  – WINNER


  • Moonlight







    1. Arrival


  • Hacksaw Ridge


  • La La Land  – WINNER


  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


  • 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi






    1. Arrival


  • Fences


  • Hidden Figures


  • Lion


  • Moonlight  – WINNER






    1. Hell or High Water


  • La La Land


  • The Lobster


  • Manchester by the Sea   – WINNER


  • 20th Century Women





    1. Arrival


  • Deepwater Horizon


  • Hacksaw Ridge


  • La La Land  – WINNER


  • Sully





    1. Blind Vaysha


  • Borrowed Time


  • Pear Cider and Cigarettes


  • Pearl


  • Piper  – WINNER






    1. Ennemis Intérieurs


  • La Femme et le TGV


  • Silent Nights


  • Sing  – WINNER


  • Timecode





    1. Arrival


  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


  • Hail, Caesar!


  • La La Land  – WINNER


  • Passengers






    1. “Audition (The Fools Who Dream)” from La La Land. Music by Justin Hurwitz; Lyric by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul


  • “Can’t Stop The Feeling” from Trolls. Music and Lyric by Justin Timberlake, Max Martin and Karl Johan Schuster


  • “City Of Stars” from La La Land. Music by Justin Hurwitz; Lyric by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul  – WINNER


  • “The Empty Chair” from Jim: The James Foley Story. Music and Lyric by J. Ralph and Sting


  • “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. Music and Lyric by Lin – Manuel Miranda



And……breathe. Those are my predictions for the 89th Academy Awards:

  1. La La Land – 8
  2. Moonlight – 3
  3. The Jungle Book – 1
  4. Zootopia – 1
  5. Manchester By The Sea – 2
  6. Lion – 1
  7. Fences – 1
  8. Piper – 1
  9. Jackie – 1
  10. O.J.: Made In America – 1
  11. Extremis – 1
  12. Toni Erdman – 1
  13. Suicide Squad – 1
  14. Sing – 1

I hope you guys know that of course I am just guessing and that these predictions don’t represent what I actually think but rather what I think those who vote think. And that that summary, isn’t including everyone that I think will challenge for the Oscars. I DO NOT EXPECT IT TO BE A CLEAN SLATE LIKE THE ONE I HAVE PREDICTED, I just played it really safe.

Thanks for reading.


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