Here are my predictions for the season finale of How To Get Away With Murder. I’m jumping right into it, so beware of spoilers. Everyone seems to like the idea that Oliver killed Wes, but I don’t know if I think that they are going to go that route. I just liked to question some aspects that I don’t think anyone picked up on. Why was Laurel even there? Surely, if she was there, she would have seen Connor.

I have a couple of theories so bare with me.

1]  The Wes is still alive. He called the “Case Of Emergency Number” because he thought he was going to get killed, and they faked the whole thing. Or the deal he was siging was one that agreed to fake his death, so that Annalise could admit all her guilt or something like that.I thought it was this for sure, but now, I don’t think it is. Because they made it too obvious, I think it is going to be something no-one expects, and I think that they heavily hinted that Wes is still alive. But that is my main theory

2] It still plays into the first idea but it was actually the Mahoneys that killed Wes. They go ahead with their plan to fake his death, but something goes wrong(that is my first prediction), what goes wrong I am not sure. But I am guessing the Mahoneys kill him. I think the show completely backs out of it in the last minute and goes for something obvious. Or they completely opt out and it is not one of the main five but instead someone else like Meggy is working with the DA. So that they don’t have to kill their characters storyline’s

Whatever it is, I don’t know, just remember that I guessed all of these so if I am horribly wrong please don’t hold it against me. Those are my predictions.



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