I normally give a long introduction, but I have so much to say that I am just going to get in to it and rip this film to shreds. If you want to know how I felt about the film check it out here. These aren’t the worst bits of the film or the moments I liked the least but rather things that whilst I was in the cinema I couldn’t believe made the final cut.


I have had arguements about this version of Lex. And, I am on the side that defends him, but I cannot deny that there is no need for him in this film. He creates unnecessary diversions from the whole purpose we are watching. The entire second act, where he is trying to manipulate the senator, is ridiculous. From an editing point of view, it doesn’t make sense, and even within its own confinement it doesn’t add up. We are supposed to assume the explosion had some implementations yet actually see none. And then, it is his decision to create Doomesday -which makes zero sense. If he wants to create a war between Batman vs Superman – how on earh is Doomesday going to help – hell, even if Batman killed Superman, how did Lex plan to stop Doomesday? What did he hope Doomesday would achieve? I mean, I know, he wanted to kill Superman – but after that what? What is going to stop it destroying Gotham? Destroying LexCorp? Or even killing Lex Luthor? Because this monster wouldn’t just run into the abliss after he had killed Superman, surely? His whole plan is just so, so, so, ridicolous – honestly. WHY KIDNAP MARTHA? Superman is literally on his way to fight Batman – all kidnapping Martha does is create a stupid get out of jail card. His plan is dependent on so many coincidences it doesn’t make sense! His plan is so stupid, and he really doesn’t add anything to the plot of the film.


Eight minutes. EIGHT MINUTES! EIGHT! A whole two years is what we waited – and then we had to wait about 2 hours for Zach Synder to “set the scene”, all these trailers teasing the big showdown between the greatest superheroes of all time, and all they give us is eightt minutes of fighting – whilst Amy Adams was being useless at drowing herself. If you have seen my last blog, I complained that one of the issues about John Carter was that people said it was falsely advertised- but yet I hear nothing of the same being used to describe BvS. It is honeslty confusing. Just go back and watch the trailers again, that entire advertising campaign – and I am pretty sure you could puzzle together the fight. Because whoever was in charge with editing the trailers should get an oscar, it isn’t like he had alot to work with!!


It is his pee. Maybe it was supposed to create a little humour but what it did was look stupid.


This, all once again stems from  Lex Luthor. Martha is perhaps the dumbest plot I have ever seen. I am not going to lie, if you have seen my BvS review – I say that I didn’t mind the Martha reveal. I liked the way that Zach Synder (I never thought I would say that) incorporated Batman’s struggle with his flashbacks about his mum, and we saw that it was something he struggled with. But, it was ridiculous.


Who’s to blame? Who guessed it, Lex Luthor. Creates Doomesday to kill Superman after what I can only assume he did because he expected Superman to kill Batman – and if he didn’t then why didn’t he think that the monster would destroy the city and that would *maybe*, just *maybe* unite two SUPERHEROES!


It is almost as if DC went:

Hey, hey, you watching. How are you   liking the film? Nah, you don’t like it? Don’t worry we are releasing Justice League. Oh, you have no clue what that is? Ask the geek sitting next to you, you don’t want to. Fine, we’ll just throw it all down your throats. Here is some cool logos, Zach Synder had time to make when he was making this rubbish film, because for some reason everyone can see that he should be doing something with effects but him. Not enough? Here is some light teasing, that will get you excited enough to completly forget that at times you were looking up to the sky. Yep, that is Flash running, no not the same one from Arrow. That robot thing? Don’t worry about him, let’s face it, his solo film will probably be cancelled. Ok, now here is something that will actually get you excited, Wonder Woman! And Aquaman

That might’ve been a little harsh, but I thought it was funny. It was ridiculous that they just had logos pre made for this memebers.

I could go on all day, but I am limiting myself to only six ridiculous moments. What I will say is that (this is a continuation of the last point it isn’t so much ridiculousness but rather me feeling sorry for the DCEU.). Unfortunately, they now have to play catch up with MCU, and it was abundantly clear during this film, and that made some things ridiculous, it was almost as if they had 100 ideas, and the bossea said put everything in even if they didn’t  have the time to, and for that I feel sorry for them.

Just a quick disclaimer, I rated the film 6 – I really liked some things, be sure to check it out


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