When I reset my blog in October, it was because I wanted to share my true feelings on TV shows, feelings that critics tried to change. Now I am going to go full out and say it, but to me Luke Cage was disappointing. I am not quite sure why, but it felt like underwhelming, it might be because of the other ‘Defender’ series (Daredevil, Jessica Jones) or the expectations I built up in my head. Every review I was reading was stating that Luke Cage is the best TV Shownthere was, so I was expecting it to be fantastic. But, it really did let me down.

The biggest problem with this show, is the villain. They change their minds more times than I can count! They tease us with Cottonmouth to begin with, who grew on me, and I started to think he could be the best villan yet but then they [I’m going straight into spoilers] kill him off, and replace him with his aunt for no apparent reason. Then, Luke Cages’ brother comes in to back this look like a season of Empire. When you think of Daredevil – you think if the amazing performance by Vincent D’Onofrio, when you thibk if Jessica Jones – you think of David Tennant. But Luke Cage just doesn’t have that. I completely understand that Mahershala Ali probably had to go and do other films and shows, but it should’ve been their priority to make him the big baddie.

So, granted this will sound stupid, and I really hope you understand what I am saying. Of course, Luke Cage is Power Man, and is able to just push someone, and they could die. But some of the fight scenes, where he literally slaps a guy – is just so stupid. I think they could have done the fight scenes a little better, I understand they wanted to show his brute force, but they could have done it by having him actually attemping to look cool! It just felt that at times he was just losing the will to live, dragging himself through the show. That being said, I did actually like him as Luke Cage, and I think his motivations were portrayed well.

But they dragged out his story. Like I said, Luke Cage was great and his motivations, but his struggle with cominng to grips with his power became boring. We know who are going to become him, because he we are watching you, so just hurry up

Now onto things I like – there is no doubt or denial that this TV show represents underlying issues in today’s society and I feel like it takes someone who actually knows what they are taking about to explain, so I will just acknowledge it and tip my hat to NETFLIX for it.

3 thoughts on “TV SHOW REVIEWED: Luke Cage

  1. I totally agree. I was disappointed in Luke Cage as well. For most of the season, I didn’t feel like Luke was ever in danger, b/c he never showed fear. Jessica Jones was definitely better, in my opinion


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