Okay, well considering it seems that I only ever talk about films months after I watch them I thought that it would be a good time to talk about a film I have literally just watched. Yep, I have just come out of the cinema and I have began to write this post – commitment. I thought because, as time passes I tend to only remember the good stuff and never talk about the bad stuff or rather, I tend to focus to much on the bad stuff and not express the good factors, I wanted to make a fresh review, of a film that I have just watched, so in 2 months time, I will be able to see where I think I am wrong.

So, disclaimer – I am not a Star Wars super fan. Sorry, but I am not, I enjoy it and I will watch every sequel – probably bar Han Solo – in the cinema but I haven’t watched any of the others fully – apart from the first. I have seen bits and bots, and of course know the gist of the movie, so whereas for a lot of people they loved the teasing and the easter eggs, where I got a few, I know a couple flew over my head, and there is no denying that the easter eggs were great, and I think it takes a super fan to truly talk about this section, someone who knows what they are talking about

So to start of with I am going to say that I liked the film, I don’t think it was the greatest film but it was definitely good, and so I am going to give it a 8/10 and rank it as good as The Force Awakens, the only reason I say it is only as good as the Force Awakens is because although the Force Awakens followed a very simple plot, this film doesn’t really have much development of each characters, however that being said, one of the reasons I love the film and up to that moment I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about the film, is the reason the film is an 8.


For me, the saving grace of this film and something that made me love it was the fact that everyone died in the end. Once again, not really seeing any of the other films and only watching a couple trailers, I had no idea what the film was about, something that I do have to criticise the film for is the majority of the stuff I saw in the trailers wasn’t in the film, I love it how it became clear after the pilot died, that everyone was going to die, one by one – you thought surely not, one will stay alive, but everyone died and only at that moment (as well as when the pilot said it) did I understand the whole concept of “Rogue One” and I loved it – just to be clear if all of them stayed alive in the end I do not think I would have liked the film, I think I would have rated it a 6 or a 6.5 a MEDIOCRE FILM but that part of the film turned into an 8.I loved it

Which leads me nicely onto the next factor, for me another thing I loved in the film is the cast, I loved every single character. I think it was a great cast, a better cast than TFA (I am shortening The Force Awakens it to that from now on), I loved the blind guy and his film, the robot (sorry, once again I am not a Star Wars fan), I loved the pilot and I didn’t really mind Felicity Jones. And what about, Ben Mendelsohn -I really did like him – the only problem with him is that there is not enough of him

Moving on, another thing that I loved his that this was the first time I have seen Darth Vader do his business, and oh my days was it his business. I loved the scene of the plans going through each person and Darth Vader taking out everyone, the more I think about it the more I love it, although it shouldn’t make sense because when they send the plans up to the ship, they send it to all stations, so when they put it in card form that isn’t the only plans, so it shouldn’t matter if they get caught. But it was still amazing.

Case and point, the majority of the things I loved in this film are toward the end of the film, and that is an issue I have with the film, if I was reviewing each act, the first act for me was to hectic, flying from planet to planet, and the fact that they gave me the name of the plane meant nothing (something that I once again understand a Star Wars super fan enjoying) to me. The second act was okay, and at this time I felt that at the stage it was at a rating of 6 or 7, and then when the third act yet, and I understood the concept of “Rogue One”, I loved the film.

Which again leads me onto something else, but this time something I didn’t really like about the film, the fact that there wasn’t much character development, for example, I didn’t really care about the main guy, he wasn’t a character that I liked. That final scene where the main two characters get destroyed by the fire was supposed to be a beautiful moment, but I couldn’t help but feel it could’ve been so much better if we had seen some sort of chemistry of something between the main two characters, I didn’t really care when they died, I thought that when the blind guy and his friend died was better, I cared more about the relationship between the blind guy  and his friend than the main two characters. My last problem with this films is the lack of footage of people we had promised would be in it, Mads Mikkelsen wasn’t really great in it, Forest Whitaker, I thought would’ve been better. But, to me that is a minor because of the great cast they had.

I think this film is as good as The Force Awakens, and I might just give it to The Force Awakens just because of the continuity, that being said something I love about this film is that it is made for the fans, obviously I cannot claim to be one but can understand how someone would love it who is a die hard fan. But have to give it to The Force Awakens because I will be seeing those characters that I came to care about again – although I loved everyone dying I can’t help but feel slightly upset because I really came to care about those characters even with the lack of character development.



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