I have said it many times but I feel like it is something I must keep saying, this film to me is overrated. Not right now, but when it first came out it definitely was. People were saying that it is the best film of the MCU, but I strongly disagree.

So, time to begin and where else is there for me to start than from that airport scene, it was fantastic. It had everything I wanted Spiderman, Giant Man, Hawkeye, Black Panther. As you should know by now Hawkeye is my favourite character but something I have never shared is that black panther is my second favourite character, and the scene where the two of them fought was everything. Something that I find funny, is that the fight had something to do with a mother, something that BvS couldn’t do efficiently.

Now, I am not a Marvel fanboy,  and I can understand why you might be thinking that because with all the other reviews I spoke about all the bad stuff in heavy detail and then do a brief outline of the stuff I liked. So I will do that here:

For me one of the biggest problems I had was almost where the Avenges 2 let me down, I almost expected too much from this film, the airport battle was able to reassure a lot of that but I still wanted more. I don’t think a 20 minute section of the film that is fantastic absolutely fantastic makes up for the slightly lacklustre start to the film, I mean why didn’t they bring Vision along (something I will get to). When I say I wanted to much from this film, I wanted to see Red Hulk so badly, I really wanted to see him but the directors said they didn’t want to put him in, furthermore, I would’ve liked to see more  easter eggs. I would’ve liked to see more of them in Captain America – Civil War, I just don’t think it teased the future well enough, maybe that was something the directors decided they shouldn’t do because of how badly Avengers 2 did it, but I think even a little bit of teasing, like Star Wars VII has done, just to get the fans talking.

Another thing that I would’ve liked to see in the film is seeing them pick their sides. Of course a lot of people focus on why they were coming out of retirement to pick this side, but I would’ve liked to see a section of Tony Stark going to Hawkeye and trying to persuade him, why did Black Widow pick Tony Stark. Why did Ant-Man (who wanted to live a normal life) decide to become someone who would have to be on the run? I just think that if we had a scene for them trying to assemble their teams, it would’ve made the film that little bit better (but that’s my opinions).

The most annoying thing for me on this film is the fact that no-one was killed off, I understand why, but I felt cheated.I think this film would’ve been the best film ever if someone died, I (before the film) came to peace with the idea that Hawkeye was going to die, I fully thought he was and I was ready – but then a week before it came out I heard that all these characters would be in Avengers: Infinity War. And then when the trailers dropped, and showed Rhodes on the floor dead, I knew he wasn’t dead because why would they show something so big in a trailer, and that means  I would’ve been more annoyed if War Machine died,because I would’ve felt cheated. Like I said at the beginning, I understand why the director chose to kill anyone off, because it would’ve overshadowed with the fact that Captain America had technically died, with him giving up the shield he no longer wanted to be Captain America, therefore killing that name

This is the part of the review (I do it in every review) where I list all of my problems with the film because I think that is allows me to put out some of the problems I had with the film that I know everyone else has had. And I don’t want to spend to much time on me repeating everyone elses’ review

  1. Alright, well I have already said it, but to me the film was too slow at the start. I really do not mind, but I watched the film with a couple friends, and they kept on saying that the first hour was way to slow, and I personally don’t mind but I don’t think it is fair if I don’t mention this. Furthermore apart from the third act it wasn’t really that good, the fourth act could’ve been slightly better and that is why it isn’t a higher rating, because as I said, the first and second act was too slow. The third was fantastic, and the fourth was great, but in comparison to the fourth is easy to forget, but I did love that final fight were the both of them just went at it.
  2. Why wasn’t Vision there at the beginning? He literally could’ve saved the entire day, he would’ve seen the bomb stop the bomb and bang, no Sokovia Accords, it’s like not bringing a weapon to a fight. So why wasn’t he there? And if he was there, wouldn’t that mean that he would save the day, and then what would Zemo do, I mean the Accords are really coincidental for Zemo as it starts them fighting – something I will get onto later
  3. Black Widow – I had a problem with her in this film, first of all, why does she pick Iron Man? I don’t see her do much fighting, she is sort of on the side – which for me, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Iron Man, the only person on his team that could actually do anything was Vision. War Machine was and is useless, he only had one good scene, when he whooped out that sword, but then he broke it in a minute. Black Panther wasn’t on his side, neither was Black Widow, and Spiderman was just a temporary fix, so nobody was there for him
  4. The security camera – alright, this is something that everyone talks about so I had to put it in, but how stupid is it that a camera is just there on the corner of a tree, filming him kill their parents, how did Zemo know about it, why didn’t Zemo send it to him (BvS style) before the airport scene, that would’ve given him some extra motivation.
  5. Where is Maria Hill? She at the end of Avengers 2 teamed with the new Avengers so surely she should be somewhere at the beginning of the film, maybe she was babysitting Vision
  6. Zemo’s plan – alright, so I think he was a great actor and I liked how they choice a simple villain and I really liked him. But I think he could have been so much better. That being said he was a bit crazy and over the top, everyone talks about his stupid plan so I am just going to state it and acknowledge it rather than go in depth.

Now, onto the things of the film that I liked. Like I have already said I loved the airport scene and the final fight – even if the reasons they were fighting and Zemo’s motivation was a little over the top. I really enjoyed, the final scene with Zemo and Black Panther, when Black Panther went:

“Vengeance has consumed you. It’s consuming them. I am done letting it consume me.”

I really enjoyed that scene of him talking whilst Cap and Iron Man fought, because although Zemo’s reasons has a bit crazy, but it was beautiful. With Zemo explaining, I knew the only way to defeat them was to turn them on each other.I understand that there was no need for Zemo to push the two of them to fight, because they were on their way, like I said before I really liked the plan of the both of them fighting each other and letting them kill each other. And finally, I liked it because it didn’t end in the film it held over. I loved the idea of Captain America giving up the shield and no longer wanting to be Captain America.

One of the best things about the film, has to be the characters, Spiderman was fantastic and Ant-Man and Black Panther was also great.They all to me stole the show, Falcon and Bucky’s relationship was fantastic, this scene was great, I mean c’mon I wanna see a movie about their bromance rather than who would Cap pick Iron Man or Bucky.

This film is without a shadow of doubt a fantastic film. The reason I give it an 8 is because I think that it could’ve been a little bit better, to make me think it is the greatest film of all time. They said that this film would be as great as the GodFather, and I don’t think it is, it is a good film that is really enjoyable and is definitely one of the best films of the year and the best comic book film of 2016. It really didn’t disappoint and so I think it is an 8/10




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