“Well that was SHIT”. I kid you not, honest to god, that was the reaction of someone behind me, I think they were a group of boys but it was the tone in which they said it was something that stuck with me. For me this film is soooo frustrating, because it could have been so good, it had potential, it had the right cast – every character looked like their were made for the role, whereas most people thought originally that Ben Affleck would be the problem, it turned out they were completely wrong. I think it is a shame, because as I said it had a great cast- I think Henry Cavil is a great Superman but could be exceptional with a better cast, Wonder Woman, Batman were fantastic.

Okay well a lot is being said about this film, and I will address every single problem but for me I can forgive everything but my biggest problem with the film is the false advertising.The film is called Batman Vs Superman, but we never really see them fight. They fight for eight minutes. Literally eight minutes.Now tell me how they are basing a film, a whole concept of these two great characters going at it but then them only fighting for EIGHT minutes. This was the one time, the only thing that I trusted Zack Synder with, the only time I wanted him to destroy half the city. with these two great characters going at it, it would have made that long,painful , boring build up totally worth it, but instead what we got was 8 minutes of a weak fight – which if I was being honest, that montage of Batman training taking place instead of the fight would have been better.He missed the trick in my opinion, he could of had 30 mins of cinematography masterclass, something that if anyone could do it would be him – as special effects is sort of his thing, like that final fight between Cap although it was for stupid reasons, they still went at each other brutally, something that (no  doubt) Zack could’ve done better. And then Martha, believe or not I did not mind that, I quite liked it how we saw batman fighting his demons throughout the entire film and thinking of his mother in the lead up with flashbacks, but the way it was executed was not good enough, it could’ve been done so much better, and I think that the way that it was handled afterwards was also stupid, the fact that they were suddenly friends cracking banter.

No matter what you think of Lex Luthor, you can not explain his thought process for his film. Him getting involved is the stupidest idea ever, WHY??? Why does he get involved, Superman is on his way to fight Batman, why kidnap his mother, all that creates is all the build up (which may I say is incredibly weak, and I will get to for Superman’s motivation for hating Batman), is completely thrown out of the window because of that one move, making half of the bloody movie pointless. Forgetting about that, and just thinking about Lex Luthor, I personally did not mind him – yes he was different, and I would’ve liked a more reserved version of him but I think that his version wasn’t bad and a lot of hate was being delivered to Jesse but I think he played the role that was asked really well, and I am sorry but I really liked the scene where Lois Lane calls him psychotic, so where I agree Lex Luthor wasn’t great, I think we also have to understand that Zach Synder was going for a different Lex Luthor and if we should blame anyone of the mess of a film it should be him.

And to top it all of, we got a rubbish troll looking Doomsday, Doomsday is supposed to be one of the best villains yet he is absolute rubbish. What did Lex Luthor hope he would achieve, he hoped that it would kill Superman, but what if they didn’t fight and Batman used that kryptonite against Doomsday? What if Superman died? Who would’ve stopped Doomsday from destroying the world and killing Lex? What if Superman killed Batman? And then he killed Doomesday, if he couldn’t then Doomsday would’ve killed everyone surely.

Now you may think that I have finished this rant – but, oh how I have not. To save both me and you time and to get onto the stuff that I actually liked (which is quite a a bit), I have put the stuff I didn’t like in a list for you to read.

  1. The first thing that just annoyed me was when Superman breaks Batmans car and warns him to stop. Why not just fight there? I understand you will say because if the did there wouldn’t be much of a film, but what did Superman hope, all it did was show that Batman had to get rid of him
  2. Amy Adams – and this is something that is quite hard for me to say. Because I really like Amy Adams, I love pratically all her films but in this film she is so annoying. She is just a liablity if it isn’t her drowning or doing whatever she does at the start of the film, she is so useless. I like Lois Lane in the comics and everything else I have read but I hate this version of her. The only saving grace of the character is the Flash scene – which I will get on to.
  3. No Aquaman – Whilst Lois Lane was being a liablity, drowning in the river- I was going, it don’t matter, at least we are going to get a cameo from Aquaman, right? We didn’t and (yeah sure) this isn’t a bad thing with the film, I just think I would’ve liked the film so much more if Aquaman had just popped up to say “Hey”
  4. Another thing that I hated was the entire first and second act, it was far too long in the build up, they built up this fight for an hour and a half, and it was rubbish. Making that enitre hour and a half useless.
  5. The bomb in the senate, with the piss jar- Something I don’t understand is, when they kill everyone in the bomb , we do not actully see anyone blame Superman, it is just something we are supposed to expect,it is built up but never shown to us. So we are meant to assume that at this time, everyone is hating Superman, including the press
  6. Superman NOT dying – this is ONLY thing that would’ve made me go – WOW. If in the film They had the balls to keep Superman dead, it wasn’t hard. We all knew Superman isn’t dead but just to let people believe that would’ve been great – but they had to show the dirt
  7. The BIGGEST THING THAT I HATED IN MAN OF STEEL AND THEY BRANG BACK FOR THIS FILM is when he is moping about in the arctic with his dead daddy for NO REASON.WHY? I WANT TO SEE HIM FIGHT, NOT MOPE.

Alright, let me get on to showing some reasons why this film is a six because from what I have said so far, you must think “Surely it should be lower”, but no. The reason it is at a 6, is because of that Flash scene, it does it extremely well, it leaves me thinking “What The Hell”, and it gives me hope for the DCEU, I like it because I know it is something that we will go back to in the future, and hopefully get another fight between Batman Vs Superman.

The next thing I liked, was the teasing of the baddie in Justice League, I said it in one of my lists, the reason this film is rated so highly because trust me I’ve thought about giving it a 4 or a 5 is because of the continuity that will become clear in 4 or 5 years, yes this film has to take the L, but I think this film is bad so the other films can be great in the future.

And finally, something that lines up with what I have been saying is that Batman and Wonder Woman give me hope. I think that their solo films will be amazing and their performances tried desperately to save a sinking ship, they deserve Oscars, okay maybe not.

So, there we have it, my review of Batman Vs Superman, just remember I tend to focus on the negatives too much, so I don’t like to be too harsh on a film. Stay tuned for my next review.



5 thoughts on “REVIEWED – Batman Vs Superman 6/10

  1. Batman v. Superman’s problem is the problem of all Zak Snyder projects: it lacks depth and storytelling prowess. However, to Snyder’s credit, its a beautifully-shot film with Batman’s “Knightmare” fight sequence being more beautifully done than any climatic Marvel fight scene. Still, pretty visuals don’t make a film great.

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    1. Sorry, this just flew over my head. I 100% agree with what you just said, Zak Synder as a cinematographer is fantastic. But him as a director, is weak. I think I did say this is my review, but the thing that annoyed me most about the film (yes, I’m still complaining about it nearly two years after it came out), is that I the one time I trusted Synder to make a beautifully shot, perfetly choreographed, passionate fight scene (the only thing I trusted Synder with) ended up being a seven minute fight, and was probably the weakest thing about the film. I just don’t think he focused on the right things to make the film matter. And as you rightly said, pretty visuals don’t make a film good

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