So here are, in my opinion the biggest disappointments of 2016. Just to clarify, these films are not a list of worst films of the year, but rather films that let me down that we expected a lot from

1] Batman Vs Superman

batman-v-superman-batman-and-superman-posterWell, I have made my feelings on BvS very clear and I am pretty sure no reason is needed for me explaining why it is on the list, it is an incredibly disappointing film and it let down its audience and fans with a really half arsed attempt at a battle. So you can read my thoughts on the film here. But no matter what anyone thinks about the film, if you think it was a good film or the worst film you have ever watched there is no denying it was a disappointment.
2] X-Men Apocalypse


After Days Of Future Past, a film that many people had different views on – I personally liked it. But the one thing that everyone agreed upon was that it fixed up the X-Men timeline, and (for me) got me really excited about the future. However, the film really let me down, I was expecting it to do something, but you literally do not need to watch it to understand the film, you are able to skip this film and still understand the franchise. So (for me) it was a disappointing film.

3]Legend Of Tarzan


Okay. so there are going to be some questionable movies on this list, and this is the first of them. You may be thinking: “Who expected anything from Tarzan”, but I slightly did. With ad AMAZING cast, I expected it to if not be good at least start a franchise – but what we got instead was a film that no-one asked for, with Tarzan hardly interacting with the apes.

4] Star Trek Beyond


Okay, well this is a disappointment for me. I liked the film but couldn’t help but feel it was useless, it didn’t really do anything, if it was a TV Show, I couldn’t help but feel this would be episode 4 or 5, an episode that din’t really matter. That being said, I have faith that the fourth one will be better and they will get this franchise back on track.

5] Jason Bourne


I am not going to lie, I have not watched the orginal trilogy, not because it was before my time, but rather because it was so long. It is always on TV and I just can’t be bothered to watch it. So when I watched Bourne Legacy, I found myself to be a fan of the franchise, with all the hype online from the fans about Matt Damon’s return, I thought – “Yeah, this is gonna be great” – it wasn’t, I fell asleep a couple times and was bored. So it was a disappointment for me

6] Alice Through the Looking Glass


This isn’t really on my list, because I didn’t like the first film – to me that was a disappointment but it didn’t seem right for me to not include this film, especially considering how badly it performed at the box office. It was worse than the first film and in my opinion that is saying something

7] Independence Day: Resurgence


A lot of people hate on this film and it is well deserved, but no matter the quality of the film the film deserves to be on the list because even the studio knew it was a disappointment and that is why they cancelled the sequel.

8] Ben-Hur


You may think, what? But it had Morgan Freeman so I think everyone expected something from it, but it was just bad. I hate the main guy, I can’t remember his name but I do not like him as an actor. And the film was just boring, not only do I think the film is a disappointment from what I read the other day, this is the biggest flop of the year.

9] Pete’s Dragon


After Disney’s success with live action films you can’t tell me you didn’t expect this to also be a hit, but it was a terrible film.The one thing that I did like in the film however was the little boy but apart from him, to me the film was a waste of time. I was expecting it to be like another Jungle Book but it wasn’t

10] Infernoinferno-motion-poster

After Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code, don’t tell me you didn’t think this would be a hit. But instead what we got was the exact same recipe from the first two films lumped together to make this film. It was a massive disappointment.

So, there we have it 10 disappointments from 2016, lets hope 2017 gives everyone more films they want and less disappointments.

*From what I am hearing, Collateral Beauty and Passengers are also bad but I have yet to watch it so didn’t really want to put it on and lie.


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