2016, taught us one thing, the box office is getting bigger but it is also getting much harsher with films flopping left, right and centre. And the box office predictions even getting some things wrong, like Dr. Strange. They predicted it would under-perform and be Marvel’s first flop (they were wrong). Whereas they expected films like: “Independence Day” to succeed, and we all had no clue that Don’t Breathe would do half as well as it did. That being said, I thought I would try and make a list of big budget films that are coming out next year that I don’t know if they will succeed, not because they will be bad films but just because I feel like either they waited to long to release it or at this stage, I haven’t really seen anything for it and so I don’t know. Also, it seems that as the year ends, people are only talking about the films that will do well next year, so I thought I would make a list about the opposite

1] KONG: SKULL ISLAND   kong_skull_island_sdcc16

There is a new King Kong Movie! After Godzilla came out in 2014, There was a lot of buzz for this film in 2014. I feel that the studio hasn’t got the film out quick enough, that being said they did secure a great film cast and so it is very lucky that being said it is still on the edge at the box office. And so the success rate is:

SUCCESS RATE: Be fine, it will make money and will continue with any plans they have for sequels. I think they are lucky because they have just waited to long after Godzilla, but luckily, they have picked a great opening, with so little competition,they will be number 1 for that week and then go up against Beauty and the Beast, and then Power Rangers the following week


Lets be honest, it would take power_rangers_2017_revealsomeone like Christopher Nolan for people to go into the film with no bias, people expect this film to be bad. I am not sure if this film will be good or bad, that being said, it opens a week after Beauty and the Beast something that we all expect to make more than 1 billion at the box office

SUCCESS RATE: Not looking so good, of course I could be wrong but I don’t believe this film will make much money that being said this has nothing to do with the quality of the film, it just feels like through the trailers, they don’t have a clear target audience, the trailers look dark but Power Rangers is notorious with children, if they are aiming for adults, then why a young cast?  Sorry it’s most likely a no from everyone but I hope it does well.               


I am going to be honest, this film is not going to come out no-coveryear, I have heard nothing about this film, seen no pictures, seen no trailers, seen no cast news, plot news. Of course, it could be like Clover field but that being said, there has been absolutely nothing about this film. Of course, the original did well, and I don’t think the zombie industry is at an all time high and seems like it isn’t going to dry up soon.

SUCCESS RATE: If this film comes out, I don’t think it will out-perform the original, furthermore we have to question Brad Pitt’s box office power, having seen Allied, or the fact that no one did, brings up the question: does Brad Pitt have the star power . All that being said, of course this film will make money and I think it will not be considered a flop if it is released, but they need to start giving it some press.


This has the star power of Tom Cruise and Russell 220px-the_mummy_28201729_teaser_posterCrowe, so it should really perform at the box office right? But of course, from what I have heard there doesn’t seem to be any news on the film except that it will be dark, and that is going to be ompletley different from the film we all love to watch on itv 2, practically every week, is it to different to the film that everyone loved? (I know I loved it)

SUCCESS RATE:  Will make money, won’t be seen as too profitable, but definately warrant a sequel, Tom Cruise could make money if he was selling a monkey. I just don’t think it will make as much money as people believe. but I hope it does, I think this Universal shared universe can work with a little patience, and begging everyone to forgot Dracula – although it shouldn’t be too hard as no-one watched it

UPDATE: Trailer has been dropped, has it changed my mind? No. Do I think it will be a good film? Maybe. Is it still on the edge? Yes

5] THE DARK TOWER                      Lightroom (838A4668.JPG and 18 others)
It is saying something that this is the only original film on the list. If this film is released I think that many people will go and watch it because of its star power, however it doesn’t have any plot details about it, of course, it is based on a film and people can just go and read the book.

SUCCESS RATE:   It will be fine, it has got a good release date, with nothing challenging it in that week, that being said, I think if the release date was pushed back until September then it would do really well. It has the star power and if it is a good film and word spreads could potentially make a lot of money                                                                                                                                         


OK, well when I was thinking of possible kingsmanideas to make blog posts about. I had two, one about the successful films of next year and another about the ones that where on the edge. Kingsman: The Golden Circle was originally one the other list about the successes. But because I haven’t heard anything about it, I think when it will be released, no-one will really care, that being said it has added some great star-power.

SUCCESS RATE:   If they buckle up on their press, this will be on the other list but because I haven’t seen any buzz maybe people have just forgotten about it? It will take something like a Super Bowl trailer to make it boom.  It is opening alongside Blade Runner 2046, something which I think only one film will survive from. Insidious Chapter 4 is released two weeks later and if that doesn’t do well, it might have another week with Saw being released to try and draw more money if it doesn’t do well against Blade Runner. Will make money, similar to the first but the thing that will make it a hit will be the quality of the film, if it is a bad film, no word will be spread, and not many people will watch it, if it is a great film, word will spread and it will draw a crowd. I hope it is a good film as the first was one of my favourite films of 2014.

7] ALIEN CONVERTalien-covenant-1280

I am not going to lie, because I am young, I have absolutely no interest in the Alien franchise, it doesn’t matter to me. The only film that was released in my life time was Prometheus and that was a terrible film, so I feel like this might be a Independence Day sequel rather than what everyone hoped for. But that being said, if Prometheus can make money and it didn’t have the original director on board, this one should be alright

SUCCESS RATE:  It should be alright, should make money, I don’t expect it to be like Independence Day because no one wanted an Independence Day sequel whilst people have been asking for another Alien film for years – furthermore it already had Prometheus which forgetting about the lack of quality made them money.


blade-runner-2049-324x160They have a great director, they seem as if they have got the Ridley Scott back in some way, they have a great cast and it is a follow up to a great film, seems like a success. But I am sorry to say it but Ryan Gosling just cannot sell. I don’t know why but every film he is in doesn’t really do well, Nice Guys. Although he isn’t actually a bad film it did not perform. Furthermore, we all know that Harrison Ford is going to die so he isn’t really going to be in it. Plus, I can’t help but feel it is a film no-one expected to get, like a Dredd sequel where the illusion of a sequel is wanted but none of the fans will turn out to watch it.

SUCCESS RATE:  I am going to go out on a limb here and hope I am wrong but I think this film won’t do well in the box office.

9] JUMANJI jumanji-first-photo-2

I am not sure whether anyone will want this  sequel but it is not on the list because of it’s controversy because I think people will still watch it but rather on the list because it was someone’s stupid idea to put it against a little film called Star Wars. I think this film could be good and anything with the Rock in, does make money but that fact it is against Star Wars is something I can’t ignore.

SUCCESS RATE:  Although Sing did make some good money alongside Rogue One, that isn’t part of the official Star Wars saga and so I see no way this film out grossing a film everyone thinks will be the highest grossing film next year, there simply isn’t enough money for the both of them. Any other release date week and we are talking but against Star Wars, c’mon!

Those are the films that might not cut it next year. What do you think?


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