Comic books, comic books, comic books. All you probably think I do is watch comic films and ready comic books – well the truth is I don’t read comics and I am a fan of all movies. I recently watched “Don’t Breathe” and it blew my mind. So I thought that my first movie review that takes us away from comic books could be the one genre I do not like. I wouldn’t class this as a horror more a thriller and I love thrillers, but people do class it as a horror so I am going to go with it. I do not like horror films because I find them boring, no I am not scared of them, I just don’t  understand the point of scaring yourself and getting bored.

OK, getting down to it – I think I give this an 8 star rating for two reasons.

  1. Stephen Lang                                                                                                                                           I do not know whether it was his performance in this film or the fact that he was the only saving grace in a TV show that I watched years ago (Terra Nova). He is absolutely fantastic, being a absolute crazy psychopath – that you ultimately can’t help but think he is bad-ass. Although he has his deluded ways you kind off route for him and his performance makes you feel for him although it is revealed he is a little crazy.
  2. The ending. Now, you are probably thinking what do you mean the ending. But I love this film because it sets up any future films perfectly, whilst also giving you a sense of closure even if it didn’t get a sequel. I don’t want to go into spoilers but I think that if you have watched the film then you will understand exactly what you mean. I MEAN IT ENDS WITH A THREAT…A THREAT!!!!!

However, I did hate one thing in this film – I do not really believe there was much character development for any character except for Jane Levy – and to me personally – she wasn’t even likeable. She has a child and you are supposed to sympathise with her but I would much of rather had some character development on Dylan Minnette than her, why did he start robbing people – what was his incentive, where is his dad? How did he start to get involved? Why does he care about a woman that is clearly older than him my some mile and has a child and a boyfriend so much? But that being said, I understand that the actors in this movie serve a purpose (SPOILERS), to get absolutely battered.

I think the best way to view the film is by thinking of it as Jane Levy’s character against Stephen Lang’s character with friends. But I thoroughly enjoyed the film and would watch it again and again just for that scene: .


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