RANKED First Topic (MCU Films)


Like most boys my age – and in fact like most people now-a-days, I am absolutely  in love with the MCU . Now just for you that don’t know the MCU stands for Marvel Cinematic Universe. I recently just watched Ant-Man and to be honest it was fun, was it the best MCU film – no, but it wasn’t the worst MCU film. It was a bit weird – in my opinion. I loved the humor, but I didn’t really care about the villain (who’s real life name I cannot remember because I saw him in House Of Cards and he will forever be know as Peter Russo to me). The villain had no reason to hate ant-man, he should’ve hated Hank Pym, there was no need to try and kill Scott, he should’ve just taken Hope and then held her at gunpoint until Hank Pym gives him the ant-man suit and all of his data. Now I understand that YellowJacket is unstable and crazy but because we didn’t really see much of the character and because we didn’t know much about him (myself personally) did not care when Hope tried to tell him that he was sick. I mean, all of a sudden he is sick – no one explained why or how or if he has a mental illness, it’s just told to us that he is sick. But I guess that can be explained through the fact he was driven crazy by his obsession for the Pym Particles. ANYWAY, this got of topic real quick. As my first topic I want to rank all 12 MCU films

12 – INCREDIBLE HULKThe_Incredible_Hulk_poster

To be honest with you – this was so long ago that I can’t actually remember this film that well, but because I can’t remember this film and because it is never mentioned again the MCU, it makes it my least favorite. Not because it’s the worst but rather by default.

11 -IRON MAN 2

Now, everyone loved Iron Man. So I remember being sma220px-Iron_Man_2_posterll and really looking forward to the sequel but when it came out- I was (no,no,no) still am confused as to who Mickey Rouke is. I didn’t hate the film and if it was on I would watch it again but it was just “eh”. PLUS, Terrence Howard was replaced who I was looking forward to seeing in War Machine.


Perhaps, the one MCU movies that I have struggled with most. When I first 220px-Captain_America_The_First_Avenger_posterwatched it I fell asleep twice and I thought it was the biggest rubbish I have seen in my life, but then my friends were like “It’s good you should watch it”. So I finished it off. And it’s not a bad story. But the one thing I didn’t like about it was that after the film Red Skull is never seen again. I really like Red Skull. If Red Skull pops up again later I’ll like the film more. Plus Tommy Lee Jones is in this. Another reason I didn’t really enjoy this film is because I felt that it was just made so you get who he is when he stars in the avengers. And to me the visual effects was just horrible

From every film onward now, I believe that there are all good. Now it’s just which are better than others


220px-Thor_-_The_Dark_World_posterFor me personally, this is the most pointless MCU movie. There is no point of it, you don’t need to watch it but yet still get everything that happens in the rest of the MCU. The only thing of use is Loki turning into a Odin, that is it. It is still a fun movie and I did enjoy it at the time but reflecting upon it now, it just seems like there is no use of it. And it was just made to drain money from us gullible Marvel fans , but it was still an enjoyable film

8 –  IRON MAN 3

It’s a solid sequel – it’s miles better than Iron Man 2, but doesn’t quite reach the Iron_Man_3_theatrical_posterheights of the first movie. And then simply two words The Mandarin. I mean what the hell. I liked the twist, but I still want to see the Mandarin. However the Marvel One Shot (they should really bring them back) named “All Hail The King” – did bring some justice to the Mandarin.

Ant-Man_poster7-  ANT-MAN

Again a fun movie – comedic and interesting. Of course anything that is about a man controlling ants is a bit weird and will seem a bit stupid, but Ant-Man embraced the stupidity and made it sane. A good enjoyable film

6 – THORThor_poster

A fun movie, introduces us to the best character in the MCU – no not Thor but Loki. Loki is just the best. His name in itself should be enough of a reason as to why it’s sixth on my list

5 – IRON MAN220px-Ironmanposter

Resurrecting Robert Downey Jr’s career and started the MCU. Without it I doubt the MCU would be owning the box office like it is now.


I don’t whether it’s the fact I don’t like Captain America – but I didn’t think that Captain_America_The_Winter_Soldierthe sequel was that great. I was expecting great things from it and was really looking forward to it but it was just a bit of a letdown to me. I think the reason I didn’t like it was because I kept on waiting for my favourite avenger to pop up, I was waiting and waiting but he (Hawkeye) never appeared. But it was still a pretty good film and I liked it, I think that Agent 13 was kind of pointless in it, and that the fact Hydra had been in S.H.I.E.L.D all this time and was just waiting was a bit stupid but hey, great film. Just to clarify – at the time of this film I didn’t really like Cap, but in Avengers 2 – I remembered he is amazing. And plus the hype for Cap 3 is just killing me, so I’m liking Captain America nowadays. It’s 4th on my list because it is a good film and enjoyable

Avengers_Age_of_Ultron3 – THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

I could speak for about an hour about this film and probably will do a blog about it, because there is so much to say. But although it wasn’t as amazing as I had hoped it was still pretty cool. I think i has set the bar so high for the sequel from the first film that nothing could’ve touched reached the heights I was expecting. I am going to do another blog which will go into this much deeper


Now, there are only two films left. And I have put GOTG in second place. First of all I think GOTG is a great film and is definitely one of the best Marvel films ever or even comic book adaptations ever. And it being second is not because it is bad or anything because I think that Avengers and GOTG are roughly the same quality of film. Now I am going to say why GOTG  is a good film. I love the way it is able to balance out comedy and action and I love all of the characters. If i list what I love in this film then I’ll be here all day.


As you know, Avengers is in my first position, and as I have just stated I loved GOTG, but 220px-TheAvengers2012Posterto me Avengers tops it. Avengers was a build up of 4 years, ever since Iron Man was released we see Nick Fury, it was 4 years that we were waiting to see all of these people on the big screen. And to be honest it was everything I wanted, it blew me away. It was the first film that I couldn’t wait to watch on the second day or the third day, I went and watched it on the Thursday it came out at 5pm, I didn’t have time to waste, I came running home just so I could go there. And that is what I have a problem with with the sequel to Avengers. To fully comprehend what I mean, imagine Avengers is an unbearable scratch on your back, and the films itches it for you, it’s everything you could want. Now by the second movie it’s got bigger and every trailer/promo you watch for Avengers 2 makes it get bigger and bigger, and you expect Avengers 2 to itch the scratch, just like Avengers did but it doesn’t. Which is why I love Avengers because it does, it is amazing and to be honest it made everyone love the MCU.

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