If you read my previous post where I ranked the MCU films then you would know I have some issues that I still wanted to say with Avengers 2 – if you don’t then what are you waiting for? GO CHECK IT OUT.

I have alot of issues with Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron. Now, i liked the film I really did but a) it didn’t live up to my expectations of the film b)I don’t think it was a good enough sequel and c) I think Joss Whedon has done enough with the first Avengers that Marvel should just let him do the exact film he wants to do. – if you don’t know what I mean by that check it out: “http://uk.ign.com/articles/2015/05/07/joss-whedon-clashed-with-marvel-over-thor-dream-sequence-in-avengers-2

Okay, so where to start?

I am going to start with Ultron. I didn’t mind him, personally. But I feel that considering there have been 11 movies and the only bad guy was sort of a anti-hero, we need an evil baddie. Thanos promises to be good (do NOT get me started on Thanos – why is he always a cameo, what has he done, they are teasing him too much, he best be a good character), but what is needed now is a bad guy. Someone who is evil and doesn’t have a crazy plot to erase the whole world and create a new one – that’s like every other film now-a-days. That being said, we must also shout at whoever was in charge of making the trailers. The trailers were dark, with him saying :

“There are no strings on me”

Yet we do not have an evil Ultron, nor do we have a funny Ultron, so we sort of have a weird mix of the both of them that no one really liked. Now, I am just going to go straight in with the spoliers, but what does he actually achieve, is his threat bigger than Hydra trying to kill all those people, or whatever the problem was in Thor: The Dark World (do not act like you can remember either!). He doesn’t do anything for the future of the MCU, it could be argued he sets up Civil War, but that was bound to happen. Whereas people just did not like Ultron, to me, he just frustrates me, he could have been soo good but instead we got a lump of mess.

Moving on, to the Maximoff twins. Do I care about them? No. Is it the best Quicksilver I have seen on the big screen? No. Is it the only Quicksilver I have seen on the big screen? No. Making his death absoultely USELESS. I know I am going to see a much better version next year in X-Men, so why do I care? Don’t get me wronf, I’m grateful for him saving the beat avenger of all time – Hawkeye, but he did not need to die, it is a repeat of what Ultron gave us, it feels like we are getting cheated, we asked for a death, and Joss was like ‘ere you go, but it just felt under-whelming, where are the STAKES, WHERE ARE THE STAKES MAN!

I am really shredding this film to pieces now and if I was reading it, I would think I did not like the film, but I do, I just do not think it was fantastic, so I feel like it is time to gloss over other things I hate about it because I really do not hate that much in the film, I think it was a good film just underwhelming.

Down to business (I am going to list them as it makes it easier)

  1. Thor – I know, people always talk about this so I won’t say much but just acknowledge how stupid it was
  2. Hulk – Do I want to see Hulk SULK? No, NO, NO. But that is all he does, I wanna see him smash things but all he does is sulk, I know I am being harsh as it adds character development abd sets up Thor 3, but c’mon man. Cue the: HULK SMASH
  3. Black Widow – I mean outta nowhere she is in love with the Hulk, I am going to gloss over it again because I think it is focused on too much
  4. I need to stress it again but his plan – So, so stupid.

Now onto things that I liked, they made Hawkeye likeable. Of course I knew he was the best but now everyone else does. I do not really think anything else I can  say apart from tell me you don’t like him now?! I liked Klaw, and the set up and reveal of Ultron. I think it so ubfortunate that The Avengers was so huge because people expecting so much from this film, expectations that just were not releastic, it was a good attempt and whereas, like this post, it feels that people just focus on the negatives, I think people are forgetting that fantastic fight between Hulk and Iron Man, or the whole dream sequences, of course some of them (*cough* *cough* Thor *cough*) came out muddled, some of them were great. This film was very similar to the first one, an army of robots, somethibg falling out of the sky, it was just unlucky that it had to live up to the Avengers, something it did not do but it was still a good film. And where it has it’s flaws we must also mention its good stuff.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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