Hello All (if anybody is actually indeed reading this).

Somehow you have ended up here – in a blog by a boy you don’t even know. So I thought I would start this blog by just saying who I am and what I hope this blog can do for me and what I hope to achieve.

First of all, I need to say that the name “athemoviez” is not supposed to be some urban slang, down with the kids (kidz) name but instead is about what this blog is on (themovies), and because “atthemovies”, and “funatthecinema” (among many others that I tried) where taken I thought that “themovies” would be a good name. And because I wanted too have some sort of impact on it I thought having my initials at either side would be a good name.

Now that, that is sorted.  My name is Alan Zebad, I am 17 right now and what I have wanted to be has changed about a thousand times. Since I was younger I wanted to be an actor, I loved acting, I loved drama, every teacher told me I was great and I got the opportunity to star in a CBBC TV show (just for about a minute), and everyone told me I should go into acting, I starred in musicals (I played Judas in the Easter play), so I really wanted to be an actor. But as I grew older (I guessed) I had a better chance finding a billion pounds on the floor. So I tried to go with what I loved, as my mum, dad, brothers and sisters never stopped letting me know I loved to talk, to debate. I loved it, so I thought that a career in law would be great for me. I thought that was where my heart wanted to go. But as years passed I started getting more and more into media – not only films but showbiz and music as well . So I reliased that I really wanted to do something with media and express myself somehow, i wanted to express my thoughts on films that I love. And that is what I hope to be doing.

So I hope that you just enjoy reading this and agree with me.  Enjoy

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